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Is individual performance the key to organisational performance Critically discuss with reference to different approaches to HRM - Essay Example

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Human resource management needs to have two important elements: learning and performance, in order to become a core business process (Swanson, 1995). Learning is important because it entails…
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Is individual performance the key to organisational performance Critically discuss with reference to different approaches to HRM
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Extract of sample "Is individual performance the key to organisational performance Critically discuss with reference to different approaches to HRM"

Download file to see previous pages Personnel management is another variation of human resource management, but the former is a modification of HRM practices during the 1980s in order to address the growing need to develop people in the business organisation (Armstrong, 2000, p.579). Barney (1991 cited in Armstrong, 2000, p.579) writes that the main goal of developing the potential of every organisational member is to become competitive compared to business rivals, which do not “develop” the competitiveness of their people. Kamoche (1996 cited in Armstrong, 2000, p.579) also states that developing human resources will “improve resource capability” necessary to complement the resources of the company with the opportunities available for every employee. This essay discusses the importance of individual performance in achieving organisational performance based on the different approaches to HRM.
While Armstrong (2000) believes that developing people inside the organisation is a necessary component, Heinen and O’Neill (2004, p.68) state that “talent management” is an important business strategy. Talent management is an invention of recent business history because previously, only executives are given focus in the development strategy of any business organisation. Talent management now involves focusing on five basic strategies mentioned by Heinen and O’Neill (2004, p.68). It involves “attracting, integrating, developing, motivating, and retaining” employees (Heinen & O’Neill, 2004, p.68). This strategy aims to correct previous strategy mistakes in history, which merely focused on developing business design and not the people working in the company.
As the phrase suggest, talent strategy involves a holistic approach from identifying to retaining people in the company. In managing talent, processes are involved from “recruiting, selection, onboarding, mentoring, performance management, career development, leadership development, succession planning, career ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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