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This paper “Employee-organisation relationship in working performance” through the inducement and contribution perspective evaluates the influences of employee-organisational relationship on grass-roots employees’ working performance…
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Employee-Organisation Relationship in Working Performance
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Download file to see previous pages This study makes two major contributions to the academia and to the business community, which are as follows: A). Even though there are many studies that have focused on the topic of employee-organization relationship, most of them are based on different perspectives (e.g. organizational politics, strategic role of globalization, human resource management practices). Only a few studies have studied the employee-organization relationship from the perspective of inducement and contribution. Only a few studies have used the grass-roots employees as a basis to evaluate how to motivate employees, and then how to attain sustainable competitive advantages for an organization. Therefore, this study specifically looks at grass-roots employees as a basis, and thus will make some fresh contribution to the area of employee-organization relationship. B). Samples for this study are generally from China. The labour sources will be grass-roots employees with fewer inducements as this makes it easier to collect the realistic primary data with regard to the other mediating variables (such as organizational trust and organizational justice). Many developed countries, particularly multinational enterprises are likely to produce parts of their products in China to benefit from cheap labour sources. Therefore, this study also offers suggestions on how to effectively and efficiently motivate grass-roots employees in China for these large multinational enterprises. ... Nonetheless, attitude and behaviours of individuals in an organisation have also been identified as important factors to repair organisational trust. The findings also suggest that justice implies employee involvement and this boosts staff morale as they feel recognized and valued. Organisational trust is also responsible for job satisfaction that employees feel thereby enhancing performance. Key Words: employee-organisational relationship, organisational justice, equity, organisational trust, employee working performance.
With the rapid development of the economy, the acceleration of globalisation and increased overseas business activities by multinational enterprises, the definition of organisational trust too has undergone tremendous change. Gibbons (2004) believes that organisational trust can be automatically generated through friendships. Organisations are required not only to keep high levels of friendship with their employees, but also to improve relationships with customers, suppliers as well as business partners. Olekalns and Smith (2005) assert that organisational trust is a key element in organisations. This is because it facilitates bargaining and negotiation while reducing transactional costs in inter-firm exchanges (Bharadwaj and Matsuno, 2006) and resolves international political conflicts (Kelman, 2005). Even in Poon's (2003) study, the issue of organisational trust is seen as the antecedent of organisational politics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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