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Prelling in his management book, he argues that there are two parts of pay packages that should go hand in hand so as to assure employee productivity is raised to a significant level. The two parts of packages are the amount the company pay each employee in…
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Motivation and Performance Factors for Bombay Palace
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Download file to see previous pages ey feel with appraisal at work.questionaires were used so as to get feedback of the employees and this made the study less cumbersome for the researcher. This is important to note that was conducted in a span of month month so as to ensure that each and every staff was interviewed.
Motivation of employee is one key issue that is facing every organization. It is the responsibility of every leader in an organisation to ensure employees are motivated and also create a very conducive environment for them in the workplace (Koontz 1993). Though an employee may be capable to perform his/her job description without motivation every human being needs to feel a little bit of appreciation as this will spur inner urge to work well in an organisation. It is this role of a leader that he has to ensure that his workforce is motivated and if not he should identify a strategy on how to make them moretivated as this will enable him achieve his organisational goals(Marginson 1986). Motivation cannot be understated as it is always a key ingredient to help an organisation in achieving its goals. Issuinig of instructions that are well and clealy friendly (Marginson 1986). A manager first has to understand he has the right team and after it is when he should ensure that the team is motivated so as to keep the focus on objective goals.The role to motivate employees depends on very different dimesions and they cannot be for one department like the human resource but the whole organisation.Itis thus important to understand all humans have different needs and may be motivated in different ways but one of the most important task is to ensure it is done (Alous 2002). Strong needs in directing and satisfying latent needs in employees harness them in a manner that is functional for the organization.
For motivation to be successfully implemented the factors that trigger motivation should be identified and analysed properly.The goal here is to identify the causes of motivation and not the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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