Performance Feedback, Performance Incentives and Rewards, and Employee Evaluation - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present three practices of human resources management which have been adopted by different sectors and companies. …
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Performance Feedback, Performance Incentives and Rewards, and Employee Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that in the current day context, human resources management practices which deal with the management of the workforce in a company have experienced the dramatic shift. Performance feedback is essential for the evaluating and analyzing the performance of the employees in an organization. Every organization follows certain performance feedback processes to evaluate as well as encourage their employees among which the 360-degree feedback system has gained considerable importance. In performance feedback, the implication of Multi-Source Feedback programme, also known as 360 Degree is very popularly used nowadays. Garber stated that the 360-degree feedback system has gained popularity in these recent years. The main motive of the 60-degree feedback system is to enhance the efficiency of the human resources by providing them with feedback on their performances. However, the feedback provided to the employees through this system eradicate the chances to de-motivate or negatively motivate them hampering their contribution to the productivity of the organization. Rather, it emphasizes on encouraging them for better performance by identifying their weaknesses along with their strengths. Here, the main focus is on feedback not on evaluation. It also helps in developing the professional capabilities of employees further enabling them to communicate with the organization’s culture and values. 360-degree feedback assessment must be considered to be more valuable than a data collection programme as the system considers the utilization of the feedbacks obtained to enhance the performances of the employees. Heisler further suggested that 360-degree feedback assessment programme should be designed to measure the behaviors and characteristics of the employees with relation to the organizational strategies. The author also stated that the 360-degree feedback process must be supported by the employees as well as with the tools implemented by the organization for the analysis and interpretation of data collected through this system. Finally, he concluded by saying that the process should be supported by developmental planning for the participants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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