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Human Ressources Management: Recruitment, Training, and Career Management - Essay Example

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This is because the current global economic climate in which businesses find themselves today is filled with both opportunities and challenges which makes…
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Human Ressources Management: Recruitment, Training, and Career Management
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Download file to see previous pages Meanwhile, Paauwe and Boon pointed to the human resource of companies as an important entity that could be used to responding to the competition that companies faced among themselves and within the larger industries in which they compete (41). This is because the human resource comprises the individuals who make up the workforce of the company and thus serve as the engine of productivity (Merkle 33). But for companies to make the most out of their human resource, it is very important that they manage their human resource very effectively. It is against this backdrop that human resource management remains such an important issue for both academic and professional discourse when discussing the growth of companies in the global business market (Dawson 120).
Klerck explained human resource management as the function within the organisation which is instituted to maximise employee performance through administrative processes such as recruitment and firing, remuneration, benefits, training, and career management (176). Ross argued that due to the complexity and competitive nature of today’s global business climate, human resource management alone remains only trivial in serving the needs of companies (111). Based on this, a more proactive approach to human resource management through strategic human resource management has been recommended by many in the field of human resource (Ulrich 80). Kanigel defined strategic human resources management as a proactive management of people (54). This means that it is in place to help the company meet its goals by promoting the needs of employees in a strategic manner. In this paper, the issue of strategic human resources management is given a closer overview by looking at the current social and political contexts of the concept. Again, five major theories of organisation are critically reviewed to understand ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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