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Strategic Human Resources Management as a Career Choice - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author states that strategic human resources management is his favorite career choice. Managers are focused on improving the skills of the employees. Team leaders on their part are focused on improving the performance of their teams by ensuring effective communication among the members of the team…
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Strategic Human Resources Management as a Career Choice
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Extract of sample "Strategic Human Resources Management as a Career Choice"

As I was growing up, I liked to play cricket. In order to be familiar with the general rules that the cricket players follow, I did a lot of studies on the books that covered on various cricket issues. Today my area is different but I will use the same studying principle. Through extensive research and studies on human resources management, my objective is to become evidence-based HRM. My creativity is the use of signs to express my ideas, I’m calm and my strength is high concentration. My professional ambition is to become a modest manager who will make the employees become innovative and improve their relationship with other workers. My role model is William Savage, the South Africa Coca-Cola strategic and business planning director. Through his effective management of human resources, he has made the company to be successful in the region.
I believe strategic human resources management is an excellent area. I am excited to join the field of HRM and undertake important human resources programs through the assistance of the university. As I seek to be a productive human resources manager, I need a program that will combine my professional goal with my personal objectives. Read More
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Strategic Human Resources Management As a Career Choice Admission/Application Essay - 4.
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