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Digital Philosophy - What is Posthumanism - Essay Example

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From ancient period, human beings had the desire of acquiring new skills and abilities. The boundaries of our existence (social, mental, or geographical) have been extended…
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Digital Philosophy - What is Posthumanism
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Download file to see previous pages From ancient period, human beings had the desire of acquiring new skills and abilities. The boundaries of our existence (social, mental, or geographical) have been extended. A way to overcome the obstacles and limitations of life and achieve happiness had always been the tendency of the human race. From the time of invention of fire until the use of computer, human beings have learnt the use of science and technology in every aspect of their lives. Thus, the capability of a human being can be regarded as unlimited. From the days of human beings using technologies for betterment of their work process, we are now approaching towards the period when artificial intelligence might exceed human level. The rapid pace in which the technologies are changing in recent period will have huge impact on humanity in the recent future if the innovative trend persists. There have been shifts towards the digital technology in the recent decade. A new philosophical movement gained attention in the recent decade. With the development of the new technologies and the transformation of the world by its potentiality, the emergence of thoughts of posthumanists or transhumanists emerged. The scientists have found technologies that perform human works better than they do. There are two options left; one is to let the machines take every decision without the oversight of human beings and the other one is to let the human beings retain their control over them. The result of both might be complex and harmful for the society. If the machines are allowed to take decisions then human being will have to live in their mercy, and if that is not permitted then they will be so dependable on them (machines) in every aspects of their life that turning the machines off will be almost equivalent to suicide. The intellectual and the philosophical background of the digital technologies, digital media, and the digital culture of the contemporary period with their impact on the human civilization is the main aim of this paper. (Bostrom, 2005, pp 1-8: Joy, 2000) Post humanism The post humanists’ (or transhumanists) declaration was crafted by an international group of authors in the year 1998. It mainly involves dealing with the limitations of human form by radical use of technologies and other possible means. The human longing to advance is the core of post humanism. The rapid development of new technology and their potentiality in transforming the human world is what inspired the thought of post humanism. The terms ‘post humanism’ and ‘transhumanism’ are often treated as identical. Both the words describe the broad role played by technology in human life. Technology is expected to bring a new evolution of the human society beyond the definition of ‘human’ in traditional terms. However, the two terms are distinguished sometimes with transhumanism representing the movement that influences the new evolution of human beings to reach the phase of post humanism. The core of transhumanists’ hopes consists of a range of technologies, which involve advanced computing powers, and technology of cyborg in the short term. Nevertheless, for the long-term phenomenon they mainly focus on technologies that have cumulative impact of artificial technology, the use of nanotechnology and the technology of genetic engineering. The genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics revolution (GNR) will propel human beings into the realm of a new world. According to Kurzwell, humanity at present can only dream about the experience and the possibilities that are waiting for them in the changed new world of technology. It can be applied to physical strength, happiness, intelligence, and speed and any other aspects of human existence. The most important feature of post humanism is techno transcendence, which indicates the use of technology to overcome the obstacles (Ust, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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