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Posthumanism cinema - Essay Example

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Post-humanism cinema The progress of science fiction and science deeply influence world renowned film directors. Some directors like Bryan Singer and Ridley Scott provide ample importance to the influence of genetic engineering/bioengineering on the future of humanity…
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Posthumanism cinema
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Posthumanism cinema

Download file to see previous pages... Still, these films backup the idea of posthumanism, which forces human beings to think about their future. Thesis statement: The compare and contrast study on the films X-Men and Blade Runner proves that both the films are based on the same theme, but differs in the portrayal of humans and aliens/cyborgs (special references to posthumanism/ transhumanism). Compare study: First of all, both the films support the idea of posthumanism, the idea that human intelligence/ knowledge should bring forth peaceful coexistence in nature. Pramod K. Nayar states that, “Posthumanism as a philosophical approach involves a rethinking of the very idea of subjectivity because it sees human subjectivity as an assemblance, co-evolving with machines and animals” (8). Besides, both the films are symbolic of the after-effect of human effort to go beyond the limits of post-humanist theory. In the film X-Men, humans and aliens/cyborgs are portrayed as different varieties within the same group of human beings. To be specific, alien/cyborg in the film is named as mutant, superior to human species. Similar to the film X-Men, the film Blade Runner portrays another type of cyborg called as replicant. To be specific, this replicant is symbolic of the technological innovation in future. In the first film, mutants are less in number and they possess certain supernatural skills. Most of the mutants are not aware of their supernatural skills that differentiate them from human beings. But in the second film, replicants are produced by an international corporation named as Tyrell Corporation. So one can see that the origin of replicants is not spontaneous, but linked with the development in the field of bioengineering. In the film X-Men, the mutants like Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier are aware of their importance as mutants. For instance, Magneto decides to add more human beings to their group and to gain control over human race. Similar to this, the replicants in the second film are aware of their power, enough to challenge and control human beings. In the first film, mutants named as Professor Charles Xavier differs with Magneto because he tries to create warm relationship with human beings. Joshua David Bellin states that, “As such, by the time the final battle between the X-Men and Magneto’s forces is waged, its suggestive backdrop-the Statue of Liberty-comes to seem no more than a prop or a set piece to enhance the spectacular qualities of a conventional, and tidily moralizing, scuffle between normal and freak”(199). This difference in opinion and its after-effect is the core aspect of the film. This film portrays the story of mutants, not human beings. So, one can see that the film X-Men deals with mutation and its after-effects on human beings and the mutants. Similar to this, the female replicant in the second film named as Rachael considers itself as a human being, not as a replicant. Besides, one can see that this replicant possesses some human qualities and emotions. Basically, this film is based on the misunderstanding between replicants and human beings, and its after-effects. The director of the film X-Men makes use of the character Professor Charles Xavier and followers as his mouthpiece to convey his message to the viewers. Similar to this, the director of the second film makes of the character Rachael (say, a replicant) as a tool to prove that human beings are responsible for the problems faced by the living ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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