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The goal is to create a platform that allows one to cope with it and handle all stressful situations appropriately. The causes and effects of stress…
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Causes and effect of stress
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Module Causes and Effects of Stress The feeling of being under too much pressure either emotionally or mentally is an issue thatmany seek to deal with in advance. The goal is to create a platform that allows one to cope with it and handle all stressful situations appropriately. The causes and effects of stress are many, especially when looking at the external and internal aspects of stress. The goal is to create a platform that allows one to relieve stress.
The internal causes of stress emanate from what one considers a part of life. They come from within. An individual can be anxious after losing a family member or a close friend. The feelings of loss can turn to stress if nothing is done to remedy the situation. Phobias also stress people because one has little control over what happens when they experience these stressors. Another cause of internal stress levels includes those issues related to health. If an individual has depression-related ailments or heart diseases, the stress levels increase (Renner 294-5).
External issues also affect the way an individual reacts to stress. Pressure from work due to too much work with few or no vacations could have a negative toll on the body. Having to meet deadlines everyday also affects the daily reactions amongst employees. Finances also affect the way people react because they are unemployed, have low wages or have to plan for the future and are yet to get substantial amounts of money to accomplish their goals (Renner 296).
People undergo different transitions in life, which define who they are. When they experience stressful situations, some may cave in to pressure. Others result to depression or solve their issues appropriately. Whichever way one looks at it, stress is part of life, but people need appropriate coping mechanisms.
Work Cited
Renner, Katherine H. (2010). "Effects of Naturalistic Stressors on Cognitive Flexibility and Working Memory Task Performance". Neurocase 16 (4): 293-300. Read More
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Causes and Effect of Stress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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