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The Link Between Stress And Work Outcomes - Research Paper Example

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The prime purpose of the paper "The Link Between Stress And Work Outcomes" is to discuss the effects and outcomes of stress for employees and corporations alike using several journals as secondary research and some primary survey outcomes within these journals…
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The Link Between Stress And Work Outcomes
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Extract of sample "The Link Between Stress And Work Outcomes"

Download file to see previous pages Numerous primary researches had been and are still being conducted to relate stress to several chronic and life-altering ailments (Hexter, 2009). But since most of these severe disorders require a long duration and numerous paired habits to arise, the theories of diverse professionals vary and sometimes contradict each other.
A prominent and fortifying primary research in favor of stress is a major productivity killer was conducted by Jones et al (1988) demonstrated that after a ‘stress relief campaign’ in a hospital prescription errors were reduced by over 50% and unprofessional conduct was reduced by over 70%, whilst other similar hospitals without stress management classes demonstrated 0% reduction in either. (Jones et al., 1988, pp.727-35)
Although, most researches do agree on the fact that stress is extremely harmful in the long run and reduce the life of the stressed employee by several years and is a major cause for fatigue, chronic heart conditions, as well as many more ailments. (Chandola et al., 2008)
A large misconception is Stress = Challenge, according to which stress is blameless. But practically stress has proven to be a very harmful condition which is in no way allied with a challenge (Drach-Zahavya & Erez, 2002) (Baum et al., 1987); Challenge is a motivator and an energizer, and stress is exactly the opposite of that. In some cases, it may also be ascertained that stress occurs when the borderline of the challenge is breached, like for example if the work allotted to a designated employee is beyond his capabilities.
A stressful office environment is quite straightforward to detect, several tests and factors may lead the supervisors to believe that the employees are stressed out, under most conditions the sudden fall in a company’s revenues due to internal or production sources may also help the executive management to sense stress within the workplace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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