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Evaluate how far Jinnikins Jeans would benefit from extending employee 'voice' - Essay Example

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Evaluation of How Jinnikins Jeans Would Benefit from Extending Employee Voice 1. Introduction The topic chosen for discussion is the benefit of extending employee voice at Jinnikins Jeans. This organisation is currently operating below its threshold. It recently recorded a 31% drop in gross turnover…
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Evaluate how far Jinnikins Jeans would benefit from extending employee voice
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Extract of sample "Evaluate how far Jinnikins Jeans would benefit from extending employee 'voice'"

Download file to see previous pages 2. Overview of the impact of employee voice on Jinnikins Jeans The underlying theory behind employee voice is that employees have sufficient interests, skills and knowledge to engage in business decisions. Unlike what management experts previously assumed, it is becoming increasingly clear that even non-investors ought to make decisions (Gollan, 2006). Since workers dedicate a significant part of their lives within certain organisations, then it only comes naturally that their work would define them. At Jinnikins, some of the employees have been working for the company since they left university. Therefore, it makes sense to include them in decision-making processes. Employee voice has four distinct functions in any given organisation. It may allow the employee to express dissatisfaction with the organisation or management. Currently, such a platform seems to be lacking at Jinnikings. Most of the individuals in the organisation do not have an avenue for expressing their misgivings. The case study states that several employees in the headquarters are worried that they might lose their jobs just like their counterparts in the UK factory. Furthermore, some feel marginalised by senior level executives concerning operations of the business. This was especially true for Lionel, the production director. If the company does not provide avenues for expression of dissent, then employees could look elsewhere. Businesses need employee voice in order to enjoy collective organisation. Unionisation and membership in other employee interest groups allows members to express collective concerns to which their employers can respond. Jinnikings feels it is a reasonable employer, which pays above average salaries and fosters communality. Therefore, it sees no need for collective bargaining. However, employees are already planning to join a Works Council, and this could throw the company off track if it does not prepare in advance. Senior executives, Trevor and George are quite apprehensive about unions. In fact, they outsourced their operations because of this aspect (Mathews, 2012). The company needs to address this matter before it overwhelms them. Firms need employee voice because it facilitates the contribution of employees in management decision making. This implies that they can handle aspects like productivity, quality and organisation better using such a voice. Problem solving will spread across the organisation if firms foster participation (Van Dyne et al., 2003). Jinnikins appears to need this form of participation in decision-making. Currently, the two senior executives make all the decisions, which leads to a backlog in introduction of new ideas. Furthermore, it wastes a lot of time and frustrates the creative energy of the enterprise by creating all this bureaucracy around decisions. Clearly, the firm needs to rethink this approach in the future. Even critical elements of planning, like recruitment and selection or redundancy planning, are often in the hands of senior executives. They often select individuals based on the person they know rather than their work. As a result, the company has a backlog of redundant staff that they cannot get rid of. This reliance on the executive for most decisions has even led to difficulties in eliminating these staff. Instead of relying on guidelines for getting work done, managers have to second-guess. The highhanded approach of the two executive brothers has caused ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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