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Discuss the effectiveness of the approach to recruitment and selection at Jinnikins Jeans - Assignment Example

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Human Resource Analysis of Jinnikins Jeans Instructor Institution Date Executive Summary This paper aims to explore the mode of organizational design applied by Jinnikins Jeans in the process of selection and recruitment of staff. Jinnikins Jeans offers a managerial design that is founded on informal standards, procedures, strategies, and practices…
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Discuss the effectiveness of the approach to recruitment and selection at Jinnikins Jeans
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Download file to see previous pages A weak organizational culture can negatively affect an organization’s financial performance through lowering its turnover. An organization with weak structures and unclear processes incurs high operational costs. Furthermore, this can present negative future implications if the situation is not handled well. This paper explores the human resource situation at Jinnikins jeans and suggests possible courses of action. Introduction Jinnikinns jeans was founded in the late 90s by two brothers, namely Trevor and George who were both born and raised in East London. Their business model specialized in fashionable girl’s items, which were sourced from India. Local and value for money concept drove the business model. In their township, they established numerous cloth stalls from in London and Birmingham, and by the end of the 1190s, their business was held as a model of youthful entrepreneurship. Amos (2008, p. 180) categorically states that the business model of Jinnikinns was more informal as this was in line with their business style. It was equipped with a combination of their value of entrepreneurship, determination, creativity, and design. The two brothers accelerated their expansion in the mid 2000 through buying existing textile firms and conforming them to their own business design. Despite the vigor and psyche associated with this business model, the organization has continued to experience a low turnover in the recent past. The heavy investment in high-tech, state-of-the art building in Moseley has made its turnover to the tune of multi-millions (Kidner, 2012, p. 54). The new secretariat houses the Chairman of the Board, Managing Director, marketing, Finance Department, Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Design, Distribution and Fleet, and recently Production Department. The brand continues to generate volume sales basically through departmental stores in major cities. Others include leisure and outlets for children's clothing. The board is considering using their own identity chain stores with the aim of expanding the firm’s market share from the current 9.75% (Kidner, 2012, p. 189). According to the latest financial reports, the firm’s gross turnover decreased by 31% and there is no clear explanation of the fall (Kidner, 2008, p. 190). This incidence; however, has caused no panic, as the brand “denim/jeans” is a universal brand, but its relative performance is high compared to its main competitors (Amos, 2008, p. 54). People Management The human resource department (HRM) is crucial in the implementation of policies regarding the workforce. The department is vital as it acts as a mediator between the employees and the employer, thereby bridging the gap between the two. One of the important roles that the department undertakes is to communicate the needs of the employees to the employer. On the other hand, the needs of the employer are communicated to the employees through the human resource department. An effective h resource human resource department can eliminate the need for trade unions as is represents the interests of both sides without bias. A human resource department that is not representative of employees’ interests can result to riots, strikes, go-slows wich can directly affect the productivity of the organization. Upon completion of their new building, Jinnikin’s top brass is housed in a single unit. George is the Chair of the board and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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