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Activities for Stress Management and Prevention - Assignment Example

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This essay analyzes that stress is not the same for everybody because to some people it acts as a source of motivation while to others it caused emotional distress. Stress only brings about illness when it starts causing difficulties in concentration, disturbances in sleep and emotional distress…
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Activities for Stress Management and Prevention
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Download file to see previous pages My second interview was with Mrs. Grace aged 68 and from the interview I realized that her source of stress is defendant on her health she is suffering from cancer and as a result she experiences body feeling fluctuations she faces various challenges like she cannot go and help her husband in their garden and since both of them retired they also lack financial stability but through non-governmental organization support they are able to overcome their stressors.
In my past life I have encountered various stressors and they include loss of a loved one which impacted on me emotionally, in my academic life I have experienced stress in grounds of performance and discipline and but through coping up with the situations and seeking guidance from various parties I have been able to overcome stress .in future I might experience stress associated with work and financial stress in this case based on my research consulting various individuals who have encountered such is the best way to get motivated to move on even if the situation is averse I will still resort to consultation as the best solution.
Breaking up with my girlfriend, getting in trouble and having arguments with my teachers and parents, having arguments with my siblings are the challenges I faced. Breaking up with my girlfriend and arguing with my teachers and parents makes me shiver
My greatest stressor will be attaining financial security since I will have a family to cater for and there will be more needs I am preparing for that by ensuring I make use of the opportunities I have now to get a good job. I decided to respect the elderly like my parents and siblings and taking more time to listen to them(Kottler & Chen, 2011). I decided to never let a dispute go unsolved since it stresses me up and destroys the relationship I have with my friends. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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