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The writer of this essay "Causes and Effects of stress on college students" discusses that stress is normal and physical in nature. The major cause of stress, as the writer has observed, is financial stress. Higher education is really expensive and a lot of students struggle in keeping up with the expenses…
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Causes and Effects of stress on college students
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Download file to see previous pages  Some of the key financial stressors include; the tuition cost, how to obtain loans, meeting expenses like books, commuting money and living expenses. The financial strain is too much especially for those who get low incomes and are supposed to stretch the little income to cover their cost of living and tuition fee.   It also applies to the students who are able to obtain financial help through loans since they know that they have to repay the loan after some time. The thought of how they will do that gives them stress for the entire period in school. The second major cause of stress in students is academic performance.  Poor grades, especially if consistent, have consequences like expulsion from the specific department or failure. This contributes to high levels of stress in the students. In many cases, pressure to obtain good grades from family or even the school admission can lead to students struggling to maintain good grades by reducing the hours of sleep, cheating during examinations etc leading to a decline in performance. This kind of stress has negative impacts on the students. Competition among students can also contribute to stress, as students compete to attain the highest grades. Also, the students who plant to advance to the next level of education-graduate school can exert pressure on themselves as they strain to achieve and maintain high grades. This is also true for students under scholarship programs who are required to maintain high grades in order to maintain their scholarship funds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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