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The use of technology has been the major source among all the learning methods. The gift of technology that we all are familiar with and is largely applied to in different fields is that of…
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Using social media in classroom
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Download file to see previous pages Social media allows all kinds of students to interact and participate. This brings forward those students who are relatively shy and less interactive otherwise. Since the students find a platform and medium through which they can co relate, participate and express their views, it is therefore that the social media makes it possible interacting more actively and overcoming the shyness and other obstacles that are otherwise felt by the students in the normal routine activities.
The second advantage of social media is its helping hand towards increasing communication and means of interacting in the class. Since the communication over social media is more organized and formal, it allows more opportunity towards expressing the views and presenting the points that are otherwise difficult to express. Social media provides various platforms which in turn makes the communication means and concept more mechanized. This in turn leads to more improved opportunities and platform of extracting knowledge.
The third aspect and benefit of social media is its usage in class has made the overall process of learning and teaching a more interactive one. It has led to the more colorful interaction and representation of facts, information and figures. The second most important element is the fact that since social media is directly associated with the internet and other online sources, it leads to more updated and more detailed view of the facts or a particular case which may not find as relevant and as updated versions in the textual forms or the standard text books which are published and updated at the end of the year or session. Each of these has various platforms in the form of groups, pages, walls and other communities which makes sharing of the information common, collective and easy to reach. The colorful presence of technology along with the platform availability makes it an eye catching source towards learning and interactive process.
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