Should Children and Adolescent under 18 be Allowed to Have a Smartphone - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that the entry of smartphones into the global market has made things exceptionally easy. The advancement of technology makes everyone wants to be part of it hence no one wants to be left behind. Children and adolescents under 18 are no exception…
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Download file to see previous pages Alfelaij, B. (2016). Can Students’ Smartphones Replace Data-show Inside the Classroom? Action Research (AR). In E-book of the Conference of the Arab teacher preparation cognitively and professionally ( pp. 532-557). Classrooms often require data projection aid to support the learning process.  The shortage of projectors and data show equipment has led to the appreciation of the smartphones to be used in data analyses and protection. The article provides the enhancement of education learning process by allowing teenagers to use smartphones in classrooms. The use of smartphones provides a collaborative work that ensures the teachers pre-services are reinforced with teaching aids.  The research conducted used the AR (action research) in approaching the technological methodologies that teachers can use. Teenagers appreciate the technology as each gets curiosity on how the devices work. It is part of learning and the accompanying apps reinforce the relevance of the devices. The evidence indicates that the aid of the social platform in sharing data, for example, Whatsapp helps in creating data and sharing them with peers.  The created educational videos act as communication and learning tools that enhance the practice of satisfying the participants.  The data show is, therefore, another way of making subjects like math interesting. Often students fear to solve many problems or to handle any statistics. But the entry of smartphones has made it reliable in understanding the concepts. Teenagers at an early stage will develop the right attitude towards learning data analysis effectively. The essence of skipping classes will be eliminated given the fun and interesting process that smartphones have provided. Additionally, cases of ‘traditional stand-and-deliver lectures’ will be outdated as the embracement of technology makes the learning process enjoyable. Collaborative learning also helps in preparing students to be a critical thinker. Early orientation ensures effective teaching methods are adopted and help in interchanging of the idea. Pedagogical affordability of the M-technologies helps create a potential shift when bridging pedagogically designed learning technique and help in facilitating the content creation. Smartphones are preferred for computers because of cost and efficiency. Based on the evidence gathered, tasks that are done by the computer can now be done with ease using smartphone hence saves on space and time. Therefore, it is ideal to allow children and adolescents under 18 to have smartphones.
Clayton, K., & Murphy, A. (2016). Smartphone Apps in Education: Students Create Videos to Teach Smartphone Use as a Tool for Learning. The National Association for Media Literacy Education’s Journal of Media Literacy Education, 8(2), 99 - 109. Smartphones have become regular classroom accessories. According to the finding established, educators have changed their earlier recommendation on abolishing the use of the mobile phone in schools, especially by teenagers. The change of mindset has been witnessed because of the collaborative research projects that aim at creating a tech learning platforms. One of the projects handles student’s participation in creating the app that enhances the development of mobile apps for educational purposes. The products correlate to technological trends, for example, in K-12 education and enhancement of relations with the students in creating demographical data.  The contribution is to create digital literacy using smartphones in education. The emphasis is to outdo the previous indication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should Children and Adolescent under 18 Be Allowed to Have a Smartphon Annotated Bibliography.
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