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The assignment asked me to research and presents my findings on the economic development in the city of Bournemouth, a resort town that has experienced rapid economic growth due to the boom of its tourism industry. Doing research requires extensive analysis of existing…
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Download file to see previous pages This made it easy to understand the relationship among the various industries such as education and business among many others all of which sought to benefit on the booming tourism industry.
The research therefore covered the topic of the assignment effectively. The introductory paragraph provides an overview to the economy of the resort town. Successive paragraphs analyze the growth of the industry throughout the history of the town. Tourism dates back to 1810. The trade has remained the main economic activity in the city. The history of tourism in the city provides a perfect platform to compare the state of tourism to day and back then. This portrays the growth of the sector and the numerous strategies both the government of the United Kingdom and the local authorizes continue to employ in order to enhance the growth of a sector that sustains the economy of the entire city. After the history, the other chapters discuss the state of infrastructure that sustains the trade. Such basic features as means of transport, security and state of infrastructure in the city are some of the basic features that continue to enhance the growth of the industry. I researched and presented the findings chronologically thereby developing a sequential flow of ideas in the paper.
The rapid development of the tourism industry in Bournemouth is a portrayal of the strategies used by the government of the United Kingdom to grow the industry. As discussed earlier, the government uses various strategies including the creation of various annual and bi annual ceremonies all of which continue to attract thousands of tourists into the city. Additionally, the government has facilitated the development of infrastructure in the city. Such basic infrastructure as roads, railway lines and road networks among many others are factors that continue to present the city as a conducive society for tourists. The long sandy beaches and the hospitable and luxury hotels are among the key attractions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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