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Will Online Education Finally Replace Regular Schools Education - Research Paper Example

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Internet is one aspect that enhanced and simplified technology the, corporations, school institution and other bodies are investing heavily in the internet. Distance education is…
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Will Online Education Finally Replace Regular Schools Education
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Extract of sample "Will Online Education Finally Replace Regular Schools Education"

Download file to see previous pages , is not a future possibility for which higher education must prepare, it is a current reality creating opportunities and challenges for educational institutions; a reality offering students expanded choices in where, when, how, and from whom they learn; a reality making education accessible to ever larger numbers of persons” the benefits that accrue distanced education are numerous, and the critics’ sentiment that the system is doing more harm than good should be shunned.
Distance education has seen enrolment increase over time, and the learners who are in underserved regions have the opportunity to access education. Education become assessable to the learners who found it difficult to attend a regular school due to time constraints and geographical issues. It is important to indicate that schooling in the 21st century strongly requires ICT techniques to be incorporated to the curriculum. Computer skill are well instilled to the students who practice distance learning as compared to the student in regular school. There are also very confined skills in matters such as critical thinking, independent learning, research, computer usage, creative thinking, problem solving, time management, and decision making (Barker & Wendel, 2001). Educationists have suggested that learning should be student centered rather than teacher centered, this is very achievable in distance learning since the student is much involved in the learning process as compared to the students in regular school system.
There are numerous expansion in distance education technologies (Karaim). And for this reason curriculum developers have positioned themselves to make sure that the education system is better compare to regular education that is facilitated by a teacher. Distance education with the aid of technology is offering a similar interaction between a teacher and a student. It will be baseless to argue that teaching of subjects such as mathematics can only be done attained in a regular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Will Online Education Finally Replace Regular Schools Education Research Paper.
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