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Distance Learning - Possibility and Challenge - Essay Example

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Distance Learning Name Institution Course Distance Learning Distance learning has existed for over a thousand years with the term ‘correspondence learning coined to define the term in the initial phase of its introduction. Different experts in the education sector have sought to define distance learning…
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Distance Learning - Possibility and Challenge
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Download file to see previous pages In distance learning, dissemination of learning materials occurs through audio and video streaming. Experts have established that distance depicts the impact of technology in the education system. Just as there are virtual societies formedan online technology has enabled the formation of virtual institutions where students in different parts of the globe can receive real time instruction through compressed video. This mode learning has become very common in different institutions including Simon Fraser University. This paper will address the possibilities and challenges of distance learning. Possibilities Distance learning has emerged as one of the latest mode of learning that presents multiple possibilities. One of the possibilities is that technology can form the link between the students and the instructor, without the students having to attend classes within the institution. Students can have an opportunity to study within the comfort of their homes. The logistics of having to move to school can prove to be a real struggle for the students (Rogers, 2009). However, distance learning saves the students the struggle of attending a specified venue at a specific time. Technology enables the students to access reading material in a virtual classroom environment. Without the necessity of attending classes, distance presents students with a high level of flexibility. Convenience is one of the outstanding aspects of this mode of learning. Learners who rely on this mode of learning have the assurance that they can engage in all the learning activities defined for a certain course in an institution in a different part of the globe. Institutionsenrol students from all the regions of the globe, granting the opportunity to access higher education, but saving the funds required for relocation go a foreign country. Foreign students face multiple challenges as they strive to adopt new learning environments (Rogers, 2009). Students usually need to adapt to a diverse learning environment, but distance learners save themselves from such a hassle. It is possible for students to obtain certifications from the institutions of their choice regardless of the location. Moreover, adopting distance learning helps a learner undergo a transformation to an autonomous learner. Contrary to the class setting, where the instructor offers motivation and reproaches to students depending on their progress, the distance learner is all by himself and knows the instructor in a virtual sense (Rogers, 2009). Whereas other learners engage in active interaction with fellow students and the instructor, getting re-energized and motivated to maximize the learning process, the distance learner needs to have a personal learning initiative and drive. The learner should exhibit a high level of autonomy and individuality, striving to remain focused on maximizing the virtual learning experience (Lau, 2003). Self –discipline and effective time management skills are of critical importance in developing autonomy. However, this attribute transforms the learner to people exhibiting interest in the learning process. Autonomous students are likely to learn more. The individual realization that an individual has course activities to complete enhances autonomy. In comparison to the full time courses offered by institutions, online courses are much cheaper, because most of the learning expenses catered for in the cumulative school fees do not apply in distance learning. Since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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