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Using Technology in Tertiary Education - Essay Example

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The essay "Using Technology in Tertiary Education" will intend to offer a comprehensive understanding of the impacts created by technology upon education sector, emphasizing upon the classroom or lecture environment of the tertiary education process…
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Using Technology in Tertiary Education
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, with the technology, social media has also been playing an influential role in reframing the educational sectors all around the world. Competitive universities today have further become quite concentrated on making a better use of the information and the platform rendered by the social media of 21st century for the educational processes. It is in this context that technology in alliance with the implications of social media tends to create both advantageous and disadvantageous impacts upon the educational sector which can be identified as the complex and multidimensional phenomenon (Carr, 2012). Based on this context, the study will intend to offer a comprehensive understanding of the impacts created by technology upon education sector, emphasizing upon the classroom or lecture environment of the tertiary education process. In this regard the discussion will also take into account the role played by social media in transforming the traditional learning process by means of rapidly advancing technology. Concerning the current day context, it can be apparently observed that universities are becoming increasingly inclined towards utilizing technological advancements in the traditional education systems to obtain greater competitive advantages through differentiation (Schwartz, 2012).In this regard, various benefits can be observed to be yielded by the universities by making use of technologies. For instance, the utilization of advanced technology has often observed to assist the educators to effectively communicate to the learners with practical illustration with a live display, which further helps the students to obtain a clear view of the topic or subject. Technology involvement in tertiary education can also be observed to present the subject matter as more interesting to the students. Technology involvement has been encouraged in the educational sectors also due to the reason that it helps in more active learning of the students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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