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I need 1 page outlines for topic (Effects of using technology on the academic achievement and adaptive behaviour of students with intellectual disabilities in primary schools) - Assignment Example

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Assistive technology for the intellectually impaired students includes low to high tech communication devices, computers, and devices to control the student’s environment and specific software for the intellectually challenged students. These assistive technologies enable…
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I need 1 page outlines for assignment topic (Effects of using technology on the academic achievement and adaptive behaviour of students with intellectual disabilities in primary schools)
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Extract of sample "I need 1 page outlines for topic (Effects of using technology on the academic achievement and adaptive behaviour of students with intellectual disabilities in primary schools)"

Topic The effects of using technology on the academic achievement and adaptive behavior with intellectual disabilities in primary schoolsName
Assistive technology for the intellectually impaired students includes low to high tech communication devices, computers, and devices to control the student’s environment and specific software for the intellectually challenged students. These assistive technologies enable those with disabilities to contribute in assessment programs on an equal footing with the rest of the academic system.
Research Question
Is the use of technology effective in the academic performance of the intellectually disabled students?
Methods of Research
a. Research Design
The research will employ surveying in the study .This research design is appropriate given that it allows the use of qualitative analysis of variables. This methodology will enhance the collection of relevant data from sampled items. The qualitative data will be obtained and subjected to the statistical analysis in order to give more detailed inference. The qualitative data will include both primary and secondary data
b. Participants of Research
According to Hardman, Drew and Egan (2011, p. 23), assistive technology offers an opportunity for the disabled to demonstrate their mastery of skills and achievement of knowledge without unfair and limited restriction because of their disabilities just like their normal peers. Lane & Bundy (2012, p. 45) asserts that assistive technology also encourages the access of those with disability to the assessment programs and to the more challenging programs and courses. Paris (2008, p. 36) conjectures that assistive technology should not alter the learning of the intellectually impaired students. Donders and Hunter (2010, p. 67) asserts that the applicants of this assistive technology should not permit or intend to offer an unfair advantage to those with disabilities over those taking the tests and have standardized conditions.
Turkington and Harris (2006, p. 43) claim that assistive technology should not invalidate results or alter the construct of the learning of the disabled students. The assistive technology should also not substitute the abilities or knowledge that the students have not received. According to Bley, Thornton and Bley (2007, p. 72), assistive technology is significant for students and are for flexibility and changes in method of response, timing, scheduling, method of response, and settings in the administration of the disabled student literacy assessments (Gargiulo and Metcalf 2013, p. 39). This assistive technology should be suitable and meet individual needs of the vulnerable students, used in a fair way, and offered in a given assessment situation. According to Knoff (2006, p. 32), large print or Braille version of test is appropriate for those with severe visual impairment or the blind. The assistive technology for an individual should be after diagnosis of a person that has a given disability (Ebersold 2011, p. 76). They apply mostly in classroom assessments and high stakes accountability testing in college exams or state-level assessment. According to Saklofske, Reynolds and Schwean (2013, p. 26), assistive technology is helpful and a good idea for those with disability. However, it is significant to understand the effects that they can have on the disabled. They are helpful as they result in slightly higher scores for children with disabilities in their exams (Aitken, Fairley and Carlson, 2012, p. 42).
The use of assistive technology also helps teachers to provide an accurate assessment of the student’s skills and knowledge. Further, the use of this technology enabled devices in learning classrooms for the intellectually disabled students can help them attain better grades and get recognition academically.
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psychological assessment. Oxford, Oxford University Press.
Turkington, C., & Harris, J. (2006). The encyclopedia of learning disabilities. New York, Facts
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