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K-12 and Technology - Research Paper Example

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This paper defines instructional technologies and their place in K-12 curriculums. Barriers to using technologies in curriculum design and the role of effective curriculums in creating technology-oriented learning environments are discussed…
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K-12 and Technology Research Paper
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Extract of sample "K-12 and Technology"

Download file to see previous pages The paper answers the question why technology sources in K-12 curriculums need to be referenced. Keywords: K-12, curriculum, technology, integration, reference. Why Should a Curriculum (K-12) Reference Technology Sources? The positive effects of technologies on student achievement are widely documented. The importance of integrating technologies into K-12 curriculums and their implications for student learning was described in abundance. Instructional technologies are altering the curriculum design landscape and have a potential to enhance the quality of knowledge and learning in K-12. However, not everyone agrees that K-12 curriculums should reference technology sources. Part of the reason is that the benefits of using technologies in the classroom are taken for granted, whereas the importance of having these technologies integrated into K-12 curriculums is either underestimated or simply overlooked....
This is probably because many teachers fail to estimate the scope of instructional technologies and their role in achieving the desired learning outcomes. Contrary to public beliefs, instructional technologies are not limited to computers. More importantly, no instructional technology is possible without a philosophy underlying it (Gulbahar, 2007). Apart from the fact that referencing technologies in K-12 curriculum is important for student achievement, it is also essential to effective technology planning. The latter is required to choose the appropriate technology and guarantee that the instructional program is adapted to fit in the available technology opportunities. Referencing technology sources in K-12 curriculum is a fundamental component of productive educational leadership and contributes to the success of instructional endeavors in K-12 classes (Gulbanar, 2007). Barriers to using technologies in K-12 curriculums have been extensively documented. The six barriers to accessing and using technologies in K-12 curriculums include stakeholder attitudes, availability of technologies, technical support, stakeholder development, time, and funding (Hew & Brush, 2007). Teachers are either bound to limit the use of technologies in the classroom or must begin with simpler technologies. With the lack of technologies in classroom settings come other problems, related to the integration of these technologies with K-12 curriculums. Therefore, referencing technology sources in K-12 curricula is important to ensure their successful integration with the instruction and effective use in the classroom settings. It should be noted, that curriculum is one of the crucial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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