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The aim of this essay is to provide different reasons behind my belief that my life is my family. The main reasons for the family being my life is that it forms the foundation of my life and that family formed the basis for the formation of life’s values…
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My Family Is My Life
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Download file to see previous pages The examples that show these lessons on virtues include kindness, care for others, and development of my good attitude in life towards people and the society, and patience. The second reason for the family is the main foundation of my life is my parents. My parents were the ones who taught me how to eat, build relations with others, how to write and behave making the family as important as ever. My parents also developed me in terms of providing better care, housing, and companionship.  The basis for the formation of life’s values. Many of the values I have were developed at the family unit. Family enabled the formation of basic life values including good mannerisms, morals that act the idea face in the society, development of character, and these all make family my life. I also learned the importance of respect, hard work, commitment to a given goal and the need to be assertive into to order succeed at the family unit. Without the strict guidelines and procedures set at the family unit, I would not be in a position to achieve success yet maintain professionalism, humility and respect as I have today. The family has always acted in my best interest with encouragement whenever I fail, appreciation when I succeed, care when ill, and protection from enemies, making family the best friends in life. Secondly, the family has always been there for me through provision of finances and other resources through lower education up to know showing that they have always wanted the best for me.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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