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Sociological relationships to family institutions - Essay Example

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Sociological Relationships to Family Institutions Name, Name July 23, 2011 Class Introduction The impact of social institutions within society also alter the way in which many look at the concepts that are associated with a given culture or lifestyle. The social institution of the family is one which defines specific attributes and how one relates to society, specifically from the aspects of the familial structures…
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Sociological relationships to family institutions
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Download file to see previous pages Different formats of social structure are able to directly influence the way in which individuals relate to others and build a direct reflection between individuals. Social Institution of the Family The concept of family as a social institution is defined because of the structure and beliefs which come from the family as a unit. When one belongs to a family, there are specific beliefs and affiliations that are taught between each of the members, including political beliefs, religion and associations with economy. The social class as well as the way in which one affiliates with others in society is also created through the family first. This begins with the background of the individuals and the beliefs which they have. This is combined with the jobs which are in the family, activities which are created in the lifestyle and other components which are associated with the family. The social institution begins with the mother and father as the head of the structure, specifically which educate others in the family with specific beliefs and associations (Ebaugh, 2006). ...
These are determined by lifestyle, where one lives and the associations which one has in society. The important aspect is based on the familial involvement within society according to the needs of the lifestyle and how this is related to social change. The practical and cultural tasks of the family then link directly to the affiliations which one has in society as well as the organizational structure that one is familiar with in the household. The institution of the family is one which, through modern terms, is based on lifestyle needs and changes in the structure that have occurred (Ebaugh, 2006). Functionalism in the Family The concept of functionalism and family as a social institution is one of the most important aspects of the social relationship to society. Functionalism is based on the philosophy of the mind, meaning that the culture, structure, customs and associations in the family have a direct relationship to the mind and the way in which one relates to society. The first way in which this relates is by the structure of the family and the relationships which are within the lifestyle. When each individual hold a specific identity in the family, it becomes a part of the comfort and beliefs of what one has. The family experience then reflects in how an individual relates and functions to others in society, specifically because they continue to hold the same role in society while constructing a sense of presence by either attachment or loss to others in society. For example, if a child has a family which is divorced, then they will act and react in a specific manner because of the placement they hold in the family structure and because of the beliefs that are associated with this. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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