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Family to Family Leaving a Lasting Legacy written by Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee - Book Report/Review Example

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The book, “Family to Family: Leaving a Lasting Legacy” is one that is founded on ideas of the Christian lifestyle and the way that it plays a role in family values. This can be said to be related directly to the history of Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee. Pipes’ is currently…
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Family to Family Leaving a Lasting Legacy written by Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee
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"Family to Family Leaving a Lasting Legacy written by Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee"

Download file to see previous pages He moved into ministry after graduating from high school and after this began to build an understanding of how community and family work within the church. His several books, ministry and the speeches that he gives are all based on how to enhance home life and work within the church. He is married and currently has two children.
Victor Lee, co-author of this book, has a similar background in the church. He is currently minister for a single adults group that is based on Evangelism and Baptism, located in Tennessee. He moved into ministry over 15 years ago and before this time was a noted writer that focused on Christian concepts. He also is known for several publications and editing works that have been used with Christian publications as well as through different sports publications. His diverse interest in both secular and Christian teachings reflects in the specific attitudes he has about family and with the different ways in which family can live. He is married to a minister that partners with him in his work, and has three foster children.
The main purpose of the book, “Family to Family,” is to give readers insight into how to enhance their family life. Specifically, Lee and Pipes focus on the idea of creating strong foundational values within the family. This is followed by looking at the family as a unit that learns values and principles while growing older. This can be enhanced by the concept of creating a mission statement for the family that is based on religious ideology. When different problems occur and when there are tensions that arise, the mission statement and the way in which the problems are solved will be looked at differently and can provide a specific approach to finding the right resolution. More than this, providing this strong foundation is one that will allow the family to unify, even when there are several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Family to Family Leaving a Lasting Legacy Written by Dr. Jerry Pipes Book Report/Review.
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