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Family Structure and Dynamics Structure The family under discussion is a nuclear family with roots from Pakistan (South East Asia) settled in Deland, Florida. The male, Mahmood Razzaq was born and raised in England and acquired a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from Leeds University in the United Kingdom; followed by a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University)…
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Family Systems Paper
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Download file to see previous pages After being married, Mahmood came to the United States, settled in Central Florida, and opened one and eventually three local convenience stores. After the long process required, Mahmood became a naturalized citizen of the United States, and eventually returned to Pakistan to pursue Nighat’s immigration process. Nighat bore a son Sheryar after immigrating to Deland and her, the bay and Mahmood lived with relatives for a year after which the family moved over to their own house. The family lives in a predominantly South East Asian and African American neighborhood while Mahmood’s parents live very close by. Nighat bore a daughter who had congenital muscular dystrophy at birth in 2006. The child was able to live for around 3.5 years before she died. The couple had another son Muhammad Usman in 2010 who has congenital muscular dystrophy. The child is undergoing treatment now but there are little chances for survival. Appendix ‘A’ shows the family’s genogram for reference. Roles Mahmood and Nighat share the primary roles in the family because the children are too small to share any responsibilities yet. Mahmood is responsible for providing for the family, as the family setup is somewhat patriarchal in nature. The South East Asian culture promotes a strongly patriarchal family and this family reflects it strongly with Mahmood being the father figure. Although Nighat is educated but her role is restricted more to caring for the household than anything else and provides the mother figure role around the house. However, this does not mean that Nighat is restricted to the house alone but instead she can leave the house for shopping or visiting the doctor etc. This is in contrast to most South East Asian families, as women cannot leave the house without an accompanying male member. Nighat is also responsible for maintaining the house, shopping, attending the children’s school and for taking the children to the doctor. Nighat’s son Sheryar (who is the eldest) is responsible for shopping with his mother at times. Moreover, Sheryar buys small things such as calling cards when his mother needs them. In addition, Sheryar helps Nighat to look after the smaller sibling by playing with him while Nighat prepares baby food or changes a nappy. Hence, Sheryar is in the typical role of a child in the family under discussion. Assignment of family roles occurs based on a patriarchal family structure where the male is responsible for providing for the family while the female’s role is restricted to caring for children and the household. Another factor is assigning the roles is Mahmood’s work schedule. Mahmood goes to work in the middle of the day and returns late at night so it is hard for him to deal with various functions such as shopping. Therefore, Nighat assumes these roles instead of Mahmood. Sheryar has some small roles by assigned his mother indicating a strong and coherent family structure. Mahmood finds little time to interact with the children because of his working hours. Some Sundays are on as well so Mahmood has some time off during the weekdays. Generally, Mahmood picks up Sheryar from school just before he leaves for work. Family members interact with each other cordially using established family rules. When Nighat initially immigrated to the United States, there was some violence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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