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Truth Telling and Deceiving in Ordinary Life - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Truth Telling and Deceiving in Ordinary Life,” the author describes his credo, which is that he believes in family and in the true joy that is caused when a family laughs together, the right to love, the importance of each occasion in our lives, the gift of second chances…
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Truth Telling and Deceiving in Ordinary Life
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Download file to see previous pages Family is of great importance and has an influence on the individuals we turn out to be, we cannot hide our true feelings from our families as they can always see right through us. My family has been instrumental in teaching me how to relate and interact with others. From my family, I have managed to gain a number of strong role models, ranging from my father who is always strong in the face of any calamity and never runs away from bravely confronting any challenges in life, to my grandmother whose special brand of affection is truly one of life’s greatest treasures, my small sister whose openness and vivacity is quite infectious to my mother endless love that we constantly draw upon.
There is nothing as good as the joy that is shared all round when a family sits down to enjoy each other’s company and laugh together. At times families do tend to experience difficulties that cause them to close ranks and cry, but this is ultimately overshadowed by the certain morning that is sure to eventually breakout as the family overcomes the challenges in their paths and are able to once again able to enjoy the joy of sunshine after a dark moment and laugh together. My family comforts and helps me to deal with life’s challenges; whether it is something as relatively small as not finding a favorite pair of shoes to wear when I want to go out, or something as monumental as the cold touch of death. I go through life with the quiet assurance that in the face of calamities and challenging situations, I can always look up to my family for support. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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