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You can decide the topic whatever you want by those requirements I pasted - Essay Example

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Several people living in the society acknowledge the importance of harmony, but fail to live while appreciating others. It is surprising that many…
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You can decide the topic whatever you want by those requirements I pasted
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Download file to see previous pages In order to create his plot and setting, Marquez uses an uncommon literary technique. For instance, he does not have a true main character. Garcia Marquez explored how capitalism can be used to rob contemporary societies using deeper human values.
The main characters in the story show how capitalism can use human nature to exploit contemporary societies. Pelayo was among the first people to notice the old man. Though he was kind to the old man, he was not charitable or compassionate. His neighbors suggested that they should club the old man to death. This shows that people in this community are uncompassionate. Instead, he decided to keep the old man in his chicken house and charge admission fees to onlookers and the curious crowd. The main concerns for Pelayo are his sick child and family (Marquez 1). He was content to leave the theological and theoretical speculations to Father Gonzaga. Elisenda is Pelayo’s wife and she was concerned with practical matters. She suggested to her husband that they should charge an admission fee to anybody who wanted to see the old man. Though the old man brought numerous material advantages to the family, Elisenda portrayed an attitude of exasperation and annoyance. Elisenda is an example of how capitalism exploits contemporary societies using human nature.
Garcia Marquez used the conflicting actions of characters to unfold the story as a comical tragedy. After the old man’s usefulness dwindled, Elisenda began to see him as a nuisance. The old man became troublesome to Elisenda that she referred her new home as “hell full of angels” (Marquez 3). The new house was brought from the proceeds the family received from exhibiting the old man. The author’s statement that, “the angel was the only one who took no part in his own act. His only supernatural virtue seemed to be patience” shows how capitalism exploits contemporary societies (Marquez 2). This statement explains the situation in which the old ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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You can decide the topic whatever you want by those requirements I pasted

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You can decide the topic whatever you want by those requirements I posted

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