The Double Door between Monsters and Heroes - Essay Example

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Currently, even though the hostile circumstances of monsters and heroes appear in many science fiction movies and literature, most people are still confused about what kind of characters are called monsters and what are called heroes. Audiences are often not aware of how to…
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The Double Door between Monsters and Heroes
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Download file to see previous pages ets, Harry, Hermione and Ron not only solve the strange affairs which involved Hogwarts’ students being attacked, but they also become heroes by struggling and conquering obstacles. Through the movie, Rowling effectively informs the viewers about the differences between heroes and monsters although the author’s style is quite subtle compared to what most viewers and readers understand about the subject matters.
Because Rowling’s monster type is a little different from the normal status quo monster, it is beneficial to first learn about the qualities of traditional monsters. According to Hugh Chisholm (739), monsters are described as “species of animals or humans which are sporadically malformed in whole or in part, such as teratology, redundant chromosome number and nuclear mutation”. In the 1998 edition of Godzilla (Rickitt 74-76), because of nuclear radiation, “Godzilla grows into a robust, erect-standing, reptilian sea monster from an ectomorph, digitigrade bipedal iguana-like creature.”(Chisholm 739-741) Additionally, in the movie, Godzilla ruthlessly slaughters the innocent and he insanely destroys all of New York City. For instance, there is an impressive scene in which a five-year-old girl cries and looks like she is begging Godzilla not to hurt her but the monster still steps on her. However, because of the fact that Godzilla’s brain has not completely developed, human beings are able to overthrow him by sacrificing the entire city. People call Godzilla a monster because of his humungous size, gruesome appearance and seemingly unbreakable body. In addition, he is characterized as ruthless, horrible, dangerous and different in all ways from human beings.
The monster in the movie Godzilla is horrific, awful and unwise; completely different from a person. However, in Rowling’s series, the monsters take the form of human beings with more peculiar appearance, character and demeanor. In Harry Potter, the monsters are gorgeous just like Lord ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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