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Quindlens story Monsters: fear and its management - Essay Example

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This essay "Quindlen’s story “Monsters”: fear and its management" narrates an experience of the dilemma about things that should be taught. Fear defines negative emotion towards a person, an act, or a process because of personal belief of associated danger…
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Quindlens story Monsters: fear and its management
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"Quindlens story Monsters: fear and its management"

Download file to see previous pages One of the children informs the mother of a monster under his bed, to the mother’s astonishment of the appropriate response. The child explains of the monster’s presence under the bed two days before and acknowledges that it was not as scary as presented in the literature. He acknowledges his fears of possible attack by the monster but identifies his tactic of leaping to bed as a strategy to avoiding the monster. The mother lacks a suitable response because of her controversial opinion over the existence of monsters. She has also once failed to convince her son that ghosts do not exist in shadows. Her position over the existence of monsters is because of her experience that some of the things that people fear as monsters do not exist while the things that people overlook haunt, as monsters would do. She identifies the existence of Santa Claus as an unreal occurrence while people believe in his reality and existence of real-life problems that haunt people and are, in her opinion monsters. She, therefore, feels that even though no monster exists under the child’s bed, she needs to assume its existence and help the child to live with it. She also considers the option of letting the child learn independently about the existence of monsters.Real life situation offers the controversy of whether people should be taught things or whether everything should be learned independently. This position is particularly true in the sociological scopes in which things are relative and may vary from one environment to the other....
pecial expertise to develop a person’s understanding and help the person in dealing with it and such experts were available, I could not be taught about it because the problem was not too significant to be identifiable to people around me. This could have been because of my ability to hide my fears and pretend that everything was fine. Fear defines negative emotion towards a person, an act, or a process because of personal belief of associated danger or peril in the subject. I learnt of my fears from observation of my reactions that were distinct to every situation in which I became frightened and my background information on characteristics of fear facilitated the personal diagnosis. I first learnt about the significance of fear in literature readings and this prompted my interest to personal research on its characteristics. My experience involved increased heart beat rate and escalated frequency of breath every time I interacted with people, things of processes that portrayed danger to me. I would also become weak and even sweat, abnormally, when faced with the conditions. These characteristics identify fear that may also cause a person to lose focus and even develop tensed muscles. I did not have an opportunity to be taught about managing or overcoming my fear because I concealed the problem but my experience with the different elements of fear taught be about diversified strategies that later helped in managing the fear. Facing the fear is one of the factors that I learnt could help me to deal with the condition and it was successful. I learnt that some of the things I perceived to be dangerous were actually not and my interaction with them helped me to overcome fear as I became comfortable with their scopes. Another feature to overcoming fear is developing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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