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Facing your monsters - Essay Example

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According to essay “The Monster in my head”, Frank Langella addresses the concept of daily struggle, fear and uncertainty. Langella was troubled by monsters in his childhood. The author…
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Facing your monsters
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Extract of sample "Facing your monsters"

Download file to see previous pages The process of life progresses from simple imaginary nightmares to real life fears that is vividly explained in the article (Langella 158). Once the author realized that the thoughts about monster were gone, then it is replaced by the real fears. The fear of greying mummy and shapeless objects is replaced by real fears. The prime purpose of the essay is to discuss about the article “The Monster in my head”
The author illustrates personal experience on monsters and provided a connection on imaginary fears with his son’s story of monsters. The author demonstrates that fear can be created by individual’s personal perception and experiences towards certain things. According to Frank Langella, human beings have the potential to create fears. Langella illustrated that he knew monster would come every. The long pathway between the house of neighbour and own family was covered by tufts of grass and black dirt. In the mid-1940, the author watched a movie about mummy. Langella does not recollect the name of the movie but remembers the powerful image of a man with mouth exposed and wrapped in greying cloth. The author describes the fear of monster at a very young age. Langella knew that every night a mummy would come and hunt him down. Until one night, monster did not show up for daily routine. Langella’s son also struggles with the fear of monsters. Langella used first strategy to fight with imaginary monster. The implementation of the strategy is to remove the creation of fear. Later, author realized that fear can be created by daily experiences and activities.
The author vividly illustrated the time when his son used to struggle from the fear of monsters. Imaginary fears on monsters are the integral parts of children life. The fear of monsters resides inside the head of children. Children would simple reply that monsters are hiding inside the bed or closet and will come out later to haunt. The author describes that the fear of imaginary monster is mainly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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