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The monsters are; insecurity, battleground mentality, functional atheism, fears, denying death and evil. The organization leaders illustrate shadows from their inner darkness. Hence…
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Internal monsters of Leaders There are five internal monsters that affect ethical leadership and behavior in organizations. The monsters are; insecurity, battleground mentality, functional atheism, fears, denying death and evil. The organization leaders illustrate shadows from their inner darkness. Hence leaders should pay adequate attention towards motivation, so as to minimize negative effects on the organization. The internal monsters influence leaders to engage in unethical behavior or practices (Craig, 2015).
Insecurity monster illustrates that leaders mask inner weaknesses by extroversion. Battleground mentality monster explains that leaders engage in battleground images during business operations; for instance, aggressive marketing campaigns to completely eliminate competitors. Functional atheism illustrates that leaders assume that they possess ultimate or final responsibility in all decisions or operations of the organization. The fear monster of the leaders emphasizes bureaucracy instead of innovation and creativity. Organization stakeholders operate strictly within established procedures and rules. Denying death monster allows the leaders to ignore negative organization issues like the collapse of a project. The evil monster illustrates the inner darkness of the leader; for instance, the fear of delegating responsibilities to junior staffs. This is because the junior staffs may outperform the leader (Craig, 2015).
The monster that produces most harm in the organization is the functional atheism. The leader believes that he/she is responsible for all significant decisions. This limits the ability of employees to participate in the organizational decision making process. At the workplace, this monster is recognized through the inability of the leader to delegate responsibility tasks and authority to the immediate subordinates. The effect of this monster can be minimized through encouraging employees and managers to work in the same team or task forces. Teamwork encourages sharing of ideas and hence improves overall organizational productivity.
Craig, Johnson. (2015). Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow. SAGE Publications, Inc. Read More
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