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Makes me think of how memories can affect oneself and also psychological healing and grief. To begin with, Zachariah Johnson, who is a teenager at 18,…
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Last Night I Sang to the Monster
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Last night I sang to the monster The book last night I sang to the monster is an intriguing book which leaves me asa reader with numerous unanswered questions. Makes me think of how memories can affect oneself and also psychological healing and grief. To begin with, Zachariah Johnson, who is a teenager at 18, half Mexican, half Anglo, awakes to the realization that he is in a rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, he has no memory as to why or how he got there. Determined to push through his alcoholism habit, anxiety, and depression, he only rediscovers his painful past and unfolds devastating family secrets (Sáenz, Benjamin, 2009).
In the rehab centre, Zach is placed in Cabin number 9 together with two other older roommates, he is confused and angry. At first Rafael who is 53 years old and a 28 years old drug addict hates Zach. However with time and the help of group therapy sessions and late night talks, Zach manages to create a good relationship with his companions. Despite all the depression, Zack is determined to get over his monsters and lead a normal healthy life. Zach’s voice in the novel is very powerful and represents hope and sadness which makes him a survivor despite being through unbearable pains and abuse. Zack has immense inner strength and the undefined love of others, which portrays him as resilience to the human spirit.
Through Zach, teen readers have realized the youth suffer and also go through painful experiences but it is healthy to cry and need love. At times, I have realized that psychological healing is greatly affected by grief and memories. This calls for a lot of support and encouragement from all around for a successful psychological healing to be realized.
Sáenz, Benjamin A. Last Night I Sang to the Monster: A Novel. El Paso, Tex: Cinco Puntos Press, 2009. Internet Resource. Read More
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Last Night I Sang to the Monster Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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