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The National Labor Union - Term Paper Example

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THE NATIONAL LABOR UNION Presented to Name, Instructor Course Number & Course Name By Name Date Introduction The bestriding corporations in the world that nourish their bottom lines on a year-on-year basis seldom realize what feeds their progress? The colossus of today’s corporate sector is sculptured by the unsung heroes whom we as consumers never even get a chance to think about…
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The National Labor Union
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Extract of sample "The National Labor Union"

Download file to see previous pages The workforce today has just become an instrument for these corporations to multiply their wealth. The workforce is being exploited by these corporations in all parts of the globe, sometimes as child labor, sometimes as human trafficking and sometimes as sweatshops. The workers working in sweatshops are subjected to miserable and dangerous working condition. Similarly they are deprived of their basic rights such to raise voice against the employers, demand higher wage or to have extensive breaks during the working hours. Here it can be observed that the conditions of utilitarianism are not satisfied as the greater number of people in this case the workers are subjected to hardships and sufferings (, 2009). The workforces of big fishes like Nike and Walmart are subjected to perilous working conditions and are given qualms of excruciating pain and restless environment. These companies treat their workforce as an entity rather than human assets that need to be valued and taken care of. To steady the ship and to assist the workforce in obtaining its due rights through proper channel Labor Unions all over the world work day in and day out to resolve spats and cases of injustice (Selig, 1994). Labor Unions try to offer defiance to the helpless and weak workforces and try to abate the hardships that they are subjected to in their working environments. Labor unions help workers voice their opinions out loud to the management to get what they deserve rather than acting as silent observers or machines. There is a number of Labor Unions that are found across the United States of America namely American Labor Party, Farmer Labor Party, US Labor Party etc. throughout the length of this assignment American Labor Party will be the focal point to be elaborated upon (Russel Saga Foundation, 2006). History Taking account of the blows that the capitalist system has made to the world in general including the classification of the people into socio economic classes, alienation of workers from their intellectual and physical rights, the phenomenon of rich getting richer leading to ever greater miseries of the poor people and accumulation of the wealth in 2007 a voice was raised. This voice was established using the internet protocol bearing in mind the possibilities attached when it comes to the digital medium. The aim of this party is to get America back to where it used to be before the influence of other world powers over its economy like Europe. Bringing US back on track is elaborated by this Labor Union on its website as restoring the free market economy and transfer of wealth more to labor as compared to capital (American Labor Party, 2011). The American Labor Party provides the hapless and helpless labor of the US Companies to voice their opinions, raise their voices and participate in the democratic system of government to be a part of the system and get the things done correctly. The American Labor Party is an integrated platform that raises ugly issues in the America Corporate sector by sharing blogs and articles and bringing important, unheard and attention gaining issues to limelight. This is where this party becomes unique and effective because it does not only provide a platform to speak to the unheard but on the other hand it also creates awareness among the people and the laborers ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The National Labor Union Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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