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The researcher will present one of the most memorable moment of his life where he was able to show his skills and talents to the people through one of the most favorite games of the world…
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A Memorable Football Match
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher started playing the game at the age of 7 where he uses to play with the friends who have similar kind of enthusiasm towards the sport. They continued to play in the same manner for the next three years forming a team where all the players were from their own locality and almost similar to one another in terms of age. They used to play matches with teams of other locality. Those days has kept the author engaged in watching as well as playing the football game. His concentration towards studies trembled up to an extent which showed in his academic performances. However, the researcher must mention that he cared a little about these aspects during those days. His interest and enthusiasm for the game augmented rapidly in course of time and it continued likewise till he was 12 years of age. It was the last week of the summer of 2005 and the weather was best suited for playing the game of football. Every year during this time, the local authority organizes a soccer competition inviting teams from various regions of the district. It was one of the most prestigious and followed football competitions in the district. Their team was aspiring to participate in this event since a longer tenure but was unable to do the same because of their age which does not match up the eligibility criteria which allows the age group of 12-15 years. That year their team was about to participate in the competition owing to the aspect that there were no age barrier for us anymore. The researcher’s first match was scheduled on the 3rd day of the competition with one of the toughest and most competitive teams of the tournament. His teammates were worried about this fact but the author had some feeling altogether. The researcher was not aware of what his teammates were felling about the match but for him, it was probably an all-new experience awaiting. There are some reasons owing to which the author depicted this match as an experience. This was the first he was about to play a football match in front of thousands of spectators coming from various regions of the district. This was also about to be the first moment when his game would be aired on the local television network. The D-day arrived and expectedly, thousands of spectators gathered to witness the match and the local television network was also about to telecast the same. A feeling of nervousness and anxiety was running through the author’s head. As they walked into the stadium, the roar of around 4 thousand spectators’ altogether greeted them. Although, the capacity of the stadium was quite less as compared to a usual national and international football grounds, for the researcher, the cheer of this handful number of spectators gave the feeling of playing in front of millions. The match started with a kick on the ball from the opposition team. With the passage of time, the enthusiasm of the spectators augmented considerably. The researcher must mention that his performance throughout the match was mediocre and was unable to put the ball into the net on a single occasion. The match ended as a draw, where both the teams were scoring one goal each. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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