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This essay "My Happiest Day" discusses that soccer is my favorite game and a huge part of my life. In my opinion, soccer is the king of all sports in the entire world.The most intriguing factor about football is that soccer incorporates different teamwork one of the most competitive sports…
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My Happiest Day
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Barbara Trentacosta
Soccer is my favorite game and a huge part of my life. In my opinion, soccer is the king of all sports in the entire world. The most intriguing factor about football is that soccer incorporates different teamwork one of the most competitive sports globally. As one of the most dedicated fans of soccer, my favorite team Real Madrid. It is extremely hard to hate and that is why since 2004 I have strived to watch all matches played by Real Madrid. I have mixed feelings about the team because they sometimes lose. However, one of my happiest days is when I attended one of the matches played by the team.
May 23, 2014, was one of the most exhilarating days in my life. This was because my Real was playing in the UEFA Champions League final match. Therefore, I traveled to Lisbon (Portugal) to support my favorite team. Real Madrid had exhibited professionalism throughout the season and won a total of twelve matches. I was extremely happy that they were now playing in the final match. The most intriguing factor about this final game was that the two teams playing in the final match were from the same city. The opponents of the match were Atletico Madrid, and this was the first final game in the history of soccer competition to be disputed by two teams from the same city.
The opening ceremony was emphatic and exciting. One side of the stadium was full of Atletico Madrid fans while the other side Real Madrid fans were chanting and singing victory songs. Believe me; it was magnificent and gigantic especially because I was one of the fans present in that stadium. Once the referee blew the whistle, the high profile match commenced with hype. Real Madrid’s players were showing a lot of enthusiasm and gave the fantastic performance. Motivational slogans and songs from fans of the two teams were conspicuous. By the end of the first match, Atletico Madrid scored. For me, this was a sad moment but I still had nope that my team will emerge the winners.
This was the only goal in the first halftime and the second half of the match. Real Madrid players had many chances to score, but ninety minutes erupted without a single goal. The referee extended the match by five more minutes and Real Madrid got a corner kick. I closed my eyes in hope that my team will score and all I heard was the rumbling of the ground as thousands of fans celebrated the equalizing goal. Despite the fact that my eyes were shut, I shouted and celebrated with my fellow fans. My happiness wase evident and felt as one of the happiest person in the world.
It was evident that the match was going to have extra time. It was not only surprising but overwhelming because Real Madrid scored three more goals in twenty minutes. My favorite team was finally crowned as the Champion after twelve years. I was extremely excited because my team had not won the Champions league cup but they had turned a hopeless moment for their fans as one of the most memorable days in their lives. This was one of the happiest and most memorable days of my life and although it seems like a lifetime ago, I relive it each day. Read More
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