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The impact children have on marriage Larissa Montavon University of Miami The Impact Children have on Marriage For this interview, I chose my grandmother Elizabeth Marechal because she has had seven children and I wanted to understand how she was able to maintain her happiness in her marriage as well as having so many children…
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The challenges of children in your marriage
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"The challenges of children in your marriage"

Elizabeth was born on the 23rd of February 1921 and has been married to my Grandfather Andre Marechal for seventy-three years. She got married to him at the age of 23 and never cohabited beforehand. Both my grandparents are white Caucasians, born middle lower class for my grandmother (she was born in the countryside) and midlle class for my grandfather (he was born in the city). As they built their lives up, they became very wealthy with a society my grandfather brought up called “Andre Marechal” which specializes in electric households appliances. Therefore they were in the higher (upper) class of society starting at about age forty. Elizabeth and Andre have three daughters and five sons my mother being the last of the seven children (my mother has a twenty year age difference with her eldest sister!). Finally, it is important to know they both extremely believe in religion and are catholics. In my opinion my Grandmother has a very “old school” education. She is quite stuck up about these kind of subjects and had an education where it wasn’t accepted to talk about such things. After much convincing, my grandmother agreed to share some of her unique experiences she had with raising seven children in her long marriage. In her opinion, children brought significant challenges as well as many advantages in her life. Raising children required a lot of patience and dedication on her part. As a mother, she had to ensure that each child’s need were met on a daily basis in a manner that would satisfy the child while also balancing on the limited nature of resources. Each of her seven children had unique characteristics, which made it necessary to deal with family matters on a case-by-case approach. However, the task of disseminating life knowledge and discipline took a more uniform and general approach. Paying attention to specific details about every child was one of the most challenging tasks for my grandmother. It meant increased levels of attention from morning to nightfall, which reduced the amount of time she had to spend with my grandfather. Fortunately, for her, my grandfather was patient, supportive, and understanding, played his roles as a provident father, and measured disciplinarian. Much of the challenges arose because she was left with the children for much longer as my grandfather gave most of his time to the family business. The challenges that my grandmother faced are consistent with the kind of difficulties that often confront parents of large families particularly with regard to time and the level of resources that are required for the purposes of upbringing. My grandmother’s impression of raising children revealed the level of anxiety, fears, and hopes as she watched her children grow up and transit to mature young adults. The definitive moments are usually during the adolescence age (Rosenberg, & Center for Nonviolent Communication, 2003). She had no prior experience of handling adolescents and required much support from my grandfather particularly where boys were concerned. Habits and characters acquired during adolescence are generally likely to stick with young adults and constitute part of their characters as they develop to full maturity. The awareness of this fact made my grandmother wary of the restive nature of some of her children, who expressed some form of a determined shift from traditional rigidity of values as they sought to explore Read More
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