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How to Win Friends & Influence People - Book Report/Review Example

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How to Win Friends & Influence People Name Professor Institution Course Date “How to win friends and influence people” by dale Carnegie is among the best-selling books, most educational and very interesting book ever written. The author, easily speaks through the pages to different readers…
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How to Win Friends & Influence People
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Download file to see previous pages Communication in today’s world is done through diverse tools and with greater and efficient speed, Carnegie advice on how to communicate, lead and work efficiently remains invaluable across the ages. The book is considered very motivational in addition; it is known to give success in life. Carnegie believed that successes sprouted from an ability to communicate properly rather than from radiant insights. The book teaches skills by convincing readers how to treasure others and make them feel respected rather than manipulated. Carnegie advice is applicable today even though modernization has affected how people interact in organizations. However, the problems faced in workplaces with regard to employees are similar to those faced during the depression. Carnegie believed that proper communication at the workplace enhances better and healthier relationships (Parker, 1977). Additionally for one to become a good and effective leader proper communication channel ought to exist between the leader and the employees. Employees who are not aware of what is expected of them perform work to the level best, but employees aware of what is expected of them give outstanding performance. Human nature being what it is workplace communication is seldom sufficient therefore; organizational leaders are required to improve on communication channel on a continual basis. ...
When faced with bad news managers tend to fear to share the negative news and they keep to themselves. They are not aware that communicating the problem to the entire organization will make the employees feel to be part of the team. Dealing with people and stimulating employees may be the most difficult challenge a manager faces. Carnegie advices that, the management should involve employees even in matters they take to be sensitive (Bigelow, 2011). For instance, wondering what is good for the company and what to do to counter competition is a good question to ask employees. The employees tend to know more about competition than the top managers do. Employees tend to interact with fellow employees of another company therefore; they get to know how other companies operate. Moreover, employees do not always see intelligence as part of their job description therefore the leaders of the organization need to make employees to feel to be part of the team through proper communication. Through communication, business insights and innovations would be easy. Employees are always on the front line with “vendors, customers, clients and coworkers, they often interact with board members and meet people in the community at church, ball games or PTA meetings” (McCarty, 2010). Managers can benefit from this information through use of proper communication channel with the employees. Managers are also required to identify employees who contribute workable ideas. The organization should give the employees proper rewards so that other employees can be motivated to come up with workable ideas. The world is guided in the notion that communication and leadership go hand in hand. Managers are required to lighten up and not to be serious all the time. Healthy positive communication is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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