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Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Childrens Writing Skills - Research Proposal Example

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The "Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Children’s Writing Skills" paper tries to find out whether text messaging is responsible for hurting children’s writing skills or not. Text messaging is considered as advantageous in terms of fast communication…
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Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Childrens Writing Skills
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Extract of sample "Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Childrens Writing Skills"

Download file to see previous pages With every invented technology, there are advantageous as well as disadvantageous features that should be considered while adopting a technology. Text messaging is a service provided by mobile companies. On one hand, text messaging is largely advantageous on the basis of its fast communication while it is also considered to be disadvantageous in terms of linguistics and employability of language.

Many teachers and parents are concerned about their children’s ability for language acquisition (Alvermaann, 2002). They consider that the children by making use of text messaging are forced to use language that is far different from academic language. In sending text messages, children send messages with abbreviating words and colloquial expressions due to which, their language is spoiled (Goggin, 2006). By making use of abbreviated words and grammatically erroneous language, the children learn to write a language that is wrong and filled with improper words.

Text messaging is considered as advantageous in terms of fast communication while it is considered disadvantageous on the basis of the wrong language employed by children in sending texts. Children make use of abbreviated and slang words for text messaging due to which, they make use of erroneous language and this aspect is affecting their language capability as a whole.

The debate over text messaging and its impact on people is not new as many writers have considered this topic previously but there are no fixed results on the topic. Some writers consider that text messaging is advantageous for helping the students in their learning the language while on the other hand, writers indicate that text messaging is a cause of the erosion of the writing skills of children. Both sides have their own reasons.

Instant messaging is also a form of text messaging. Messages are sent through instant messaging services (IM services) by means of mobiles and computers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Childrens Writing Skills Research Proposal.
(Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Childrens Writing Skills Research Proposal)
Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Childrens Writing Skills Research Proposal.
“Text Messaging Helping or Hurting Childrens Writing Skills Research Proposal”.
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