Whether text-speak (or texting language), as used in instant messaging and SMS messaging, is contributing to language decline or decay - Essay Example

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Yet, by the year 2001, the 160 character limit service which could be seen as a hinderance to open expression rather became widespread. 250 billion SMS had been sent globally…
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Whether text-speak (or texting language), as used in instant messaging and SMS messaging, is contributing to language decline or decay
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Extract of sample "Whether text-speak (or texting language), as used in instant messaging and SMS messaging, is contributing to language decline or decay"

Download file to see previous pages ed children to acquire a better literary understanding (Crystal) but might also be used to mask dyslexia, incorrect spelling or simply laziness to write rather than optimizing the text per se. The ultra conciseness of the words tailored for the short message service and instant messaging on the internet chats has taken the shape of a new English dialect.
The massive increase in SMS has boosted up the mobile company earnings significantly. Britain, in the English speaking world is responsible for amounting up to 6 billion text messages a month (Huang) while Pakistan has taken one of the top positions after Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia for sending the most short text messages in the world adding up to 151 billion in the year 2009 alone and moving up to the third highest SMS sender in the year 2010 (Malik). This puts a new angle to the point of views debating the influence of IM and SMS on the literature and language. A developing country like Pakistan that has English as its second official language and to be used mostly in the higher education, hence being a notable part of the English speaking world, will be affected in a unique way by the way of SMS. The largely less educated population or atleast not as much educated and affluent in the English language have rather learned the language by the use of quick SMS messaging. The extremely low rates and encouraging services by the service providers have further ensured that the SMS trends leap ahead in a cut throat competition (Malik). It might be noted that the phonetic, orthographic and optimized approach of the SMS language makes it easy for even the relatively uneducated individuals to learn or process the English language (Chim). While this was not yet enough to be dealt with by a likely opponent of the SMS language, the new smart phones that come with the feature of predicting the next words and spell correction or auto completing ensure quick growth and ease of SMS (Chim). These features might be seen as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Whether text-speak (or texting language), as used in instant messaging Essay - 1. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/journalism-communication/1617938-whether-text-speak-or-texting-language-as-used-in-instant-messaging-and-sms-messaging-is-contributing-to-language-decline-or-decay
(Whether Text-Speak (or Texting language), As Used in Instant Messaging Essay - 1)
Whether Text-Speak (or Texting language), As Used in Instant Messaging Essay - 1. https://studentshare.org/journalism-communication/1617938-whether-text-speak-or-texting-language-as-used-in-instant-messaging-and-sms-messaging-is-contributing-to-language-decline-or-decay.
“Whether Text-Speak (or Texting language), As Used in Instant Messaging Essay - 1”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/journalism-communication/1617938-whether-text-speak-or-texting-language-as-used-in-instant-messaging-and-sms-messaging-is-contributing-to-language-decline-or-decay.
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