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Struggling Readers - Essay Example

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Some proficient readers may take the ability to read with proficiency for granted, but learning to read with proficiency is a long-term developmental process that involves many interventions and contributions of various kinds (Clark, 2004). This is geared towards personal…
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Struggling Readers
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Extract of sample "Struggling Readers"

Download file to see previous pages se of reading difficulties, how to assess reading difficulties, remedy for struggling readers, and the extent to which struggling readers can be remediated. Struggling readers experience problems in multiple areas. It is important to compare students suspected to have reading difficulties with others in order to clearly identify a child who is struggling to read. Why all the efforts to help struggling readers? Experts in entirely all disciplines are continually searching for the most effective methods to master the necessary skills in order to succeed, reading skills are not an exception. Children are introduced to many things at a tender age to increase the chances of mastering skills early enough that boosts the chances of being successful. The stage a child should begin learning to read has been a prevalent question in most people especially parents. Reading difficulties may at any stage and this calls for early intervention measures. This paper seeks to explore on reading difficulties, their causes and possible interventions.
Identification of struggling readers is very important. Most struggling readers can only be helped if early interventions are made through the development of early reading skills. Delays in the identification of such readers results in a delay in the provision of appropriate and effective reading instruction. Assessment of learners can easily identify struggling learners. Such an assessment may involve text reading in combination with other aspects as student’s performance on measures like word reading and automatic word recognition. Assessment of a students knowledge on the alphabets, phonemic awareness, processing of phonologies, vocabulary reading and reading fluency are key in the identification of struggling readers. Early identification prevents persistence of reading problems making the problem more complex and lowering reading related attitudes and motivation. Word level processing skills form of identification emphasis on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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