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It is an argumentative research paper. I support the viewpoint that text messaging has positive effects on literacy. While most of the older generation and academicians believe that text messaging has ruined literacy, I intend to justify that it has done the opposite. …
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The Relationship between Text Messaging and Literacy
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“The Relationship between Text Messaging and Literacy” Thesis ment Although older generation researchers and academicians argue that technological developments in communication have detrimental implications on the youth and future generations, it is justifiable that text messaging has a positive influence on literacy levels by encouraging communication and open discussion.
Type of Research
It is an argumentative research paper. I support the viewpoint that text messaging has positive effects on literacy. While most of the older generation and academicians believe that text messaging has ruined literacy, I intend to justify that it has done the opposite. I argue that it has made people more literate to a certain extent by supporting the viewpoint that it has encouraged communication and open discussion in diverse ways and platforms. For instance, it offers people an opportunity and the freedom to express themselves in the best way they can. In essence, the research paper will highlight the positive relationship between text messaging and literacy. The analysis will be succinct, comprehensive, convincing, and supported by current literature, in a manner that enhances better understanding of the supported viewpoint among critics. To achieve that, the paper will offer a perfect insight into the currently transforming world of language and expression. It will include recent literature or research that outlines and how what is perceived as negative aspects of text messaging, mostly by critics, may actually be positively contributing to enhancing literacy.
Summary of how I will accomplish the paper
Formulating, narrowing, and focusing on a researchable topic and thesis
Finding, selecting, and reading relevant academic resources on the topic
Grouping, sequencing, and documenting information
Writing the research paper
Revision of the final draft Read More
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