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Organizations and Curriculum of Educational System - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Organizations and Curriculum of Educational System' presents the modern society which experiences global changes that influence all spheres of social life. Some theories regard new approaches to state regulations as a way of solving old problems with the help of new methods…
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Organizations and Curriculum of Educational System
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Extract of sample "Organizations and Curriculum of Educational System"

Download file to see previous pages It is evident that necessary changes are necessary for many spheres of society, but it is also important to carry them out as carefully and slowly as possible.
The new approach to education supports the idea that these are the families and private persons, who must be responsible for education, leaving minimum space for old objects of regulation. The incidence of state decreased, whereas society is treated in terms of market and economy. The society is under reconstruction. But due to the fact that many state responsibilities inherent to the old model of society are about to disappear, the rights of citizens are suppressed by consumer rights. So some elements of solving the problems in the sphere of education were passed to the private sector.
The present financial crisis and economic decline that still goes on both in the UK and the USA make evident that the educational system is revised and reassessed. There are some points that are common for the both countries and these points are most demonstrative factors to show that revision is necessary, as it is dictated by the conditions of reality. These factors are as follows: it is a tendency to blame teachers for level of education doesn’t meet the requirements of the society, as well as reducing the funds that are meant for educational needs and putting higher standards with the help of market management. This resulted in a flood of laws and recommendations given to the representatives of the educational system. However, a significant part of these recommendations appeared to be a factor disturbing, rather than supporting the teachers in the process of changes made.
The attempts of changing existing conditions have some differences in the USA and the UK and can be better seen in comparison. The essence of the educational reform in the USA lies in restructuring, in other words, providing for definite changes in structure, environment, organizations, and curriculum of the educational system. Changes include giving parents more opportunities to participating in school life and learning, or creating councils or establishing school management and common problem-solving.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizations and Curriculum of Educational System Case Study.
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