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Step 4: Identify Curriculum Models and Programs. week 6 - Essay Example

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It was the mid nineteen-fifties that the progress was made in the development of schools and educational institutes for students with general learning disabilities then call students with special needs. During mid nineteen-fifties, several religious bodies and voluntary…
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Step 4: Identify Curriculum Models and Programs. week 6
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"Step 4: Identify Curriculum Models and Programs. week 6"

Download file to see previous pages After recognition of these three levels, separate schools and institutes have been built to provide education to students functioning at the above mentioned three levels of intellectual ability. The 1993 Report of the Special Education Review Committee defined the students with special needs as:
“Those whose disabilities and/or circumstances prevent or hinder them from benefiting adequately from the education which is normally provided for pupils of the same age, or for whom the education which is generally provided in the ordinary classroom is not sufficiently challenging.”(Special Education Review Committee , 1993)
There are several curriculum models and programs that have been identified and observed. However, the paper shall discuss two models that have been identified as models that help children with early education – Montessori and High/Scope. The observations are based on the curricula and program designed for the students with special needs.
The observations of the Montessori class for the students with special needs enabled to determine few reasons for enrolling students with special needs in the Montessori program and also allowed to judge aspects which need improvement. The materials and the environment provided to the students with special needs at Montessori program engage all the senses. These materials are hands-on, therapeutic, and attractive. Moreover, these materials have a built in control of error so that the students can easily manage and use them. Usually these teach one skill at one particular period of time and allow the children to explore and learn by using their hands.
The pace of studies is set according to each child. There is no competition, tests, or grading system. Therefore, the children can flourish and develop their own interests. They are allowed and given freedom to select their own choice when it comes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Step 4: Identify Curriculum Models and Programs. Week 6 Essay.
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