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Medical School Personal Statement Samples - Essay Example

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This essay discusses medical school personal statement samples. The essay describes the specific reasons applying to New Jersey Medical School, Pennsylvania State college of Medicine and others. It explains the negative aspects of medicine that you considered in making this career decision…
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Medical School Personal Statement Samples
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Download file to see previous pages I matured as a person quite early in my life, though this obstructed my continuous educational process
Owing to my linguistic background and the inferiority I derived out of it, I have always been a very avid and hardworking student throughout my high school. A few years out of high school, my family fell into a deep financial hardship. Since it was impossible to continue my education in such a circumstance, I had to take up a full-time job. Besides, my family seriously needed my support. Owing to my interest in a medical career, I volunteered for the San Francisco Red Cross for two years. Through this venture, I got first-hand experiences in working with diverse communities. Volunteering opened my eyes to the essence of healthcare.
After my tenure at the San Francisco Red Cross and since my family finances had relatively stabilized, I enrolled in City College of San Francisco. I could not continue for more than two years because the family economic situation aggravated again. I had to discontinue my education. Nevertheless, I decided that I would use this gap to focus on my medical interests while at the same time giving me the benefits of a full-time job. Consequently, I joined Pfizer Global Research and Development as an animal laboratory technician in the mouse genetics department. We aimed to discover new and better medicines for the treatment of diabetes and obesity through suppressing appetitive and increasing energy expenditure; we subjected diabetic mice to insulin. Through experimental support, tissue collection, necropsies, eye bleeds using a capillary tube, and intra-cardiac bleeds, I had plenty of contacts with the investigators. These contacts familiarized me with scientific researching and affirmed my desire on it.
These uncontrollable circumstances led to my re-entering the academic setting at the age of thirty-one. I bring in immense experiences in working and relating with diverse communities.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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