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For ucas - Personal Statement Example

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My favorite subjects are Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. I am a self motivated person who is capable of operating in stressful environments and achieve the best…
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Personal statement for ucas
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Extract of sample "For ucas"

Task Personal ment I am a current scholar taking Electrical Engineering Major at Indus International School in Bangalore, India. My favorite subjects are Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. I am a self motivated person who is capable of operating in stressful environments and achieve the best results. I am a highly sociable person who is capable of integrating in any working environment, and maintain a cordial relation with fellow workers and management in general. As a hobby, I love dancing (Telfer, 74). Being a highly sociable person, I have put my dancing skills in practice to assist in socializing and convening with new people. I have practiced dancing for twelve years and instructed dancing in schools like IISC. Through my dancing skills, I have managed to achieve a government award in 2007. I love concerts and seldom miss any occasion. I have participated in cultural events like at the Indus, and danced at the Indus cultural festival like the ‘Mamma Mia, and We Will Rock You Musical’.
As a kid, I had the passion of becoming an engineer, which motivated me to excel in subjects like Mathematics and Physic. I have conducted a full length research on, "How the temperature affects the magnetic field of different magnets" and wrote a 4000 words essay on the research. I conducted this research in a PHD research university in my 11th grade summer vacations. As a young adult, I had asked for career advice from a motivational speaker who had visited my school. Henceforth, I have found learning Mathematic to be interesting, since it is a powerful tool for analyzing and solving problems. Mathematics has several specialization segments like pure and applied mathematics. Additionally, I love Physics since it assists in understanding the world deeply by its information. I learned about Electrical Engineering in my initial school and assistance from my bigger brother. He is a Civil Engineer doing well in his line of specialty. Furthermore, he is my role model, since we share the same dream of being engineers. In particular, I realized that my passion was in Electrical Engineering. My career master rightly advised me on the path to follow to be an Electrical Engineer, which I followed it to the latter.
My college years have vastly acquired me with educational and managerial skills. My internship at the Battery Industry (Amaron Battery Industry) instilled managerial and leadership skills in me. I was exposed to dealings within the learning institution; hence I am armed with administration and managerial skills. Taking part in the science exhibitions every year in my school materially exposed me to the essentials of leadership that are necessary in our daily activities. My career goals are to finish my engineering course with the exceptional pass mark, and continue to a diverse level of the course. I also intend on having the required skill to match my certificate and be of service to the world. My academic records are clean as I have not had any discrepancies at any level in my education career and course.
I have experienced several hardships like fiscal constraints and family conflicts in my education process. I faced a serious challenge of dropping out of school in my early days of schooling, since both my parents were retrenched at the same time. I also faced a family conflict that almost made me change my schooling as my parents were in the course of getting a divorce. Fortunately, I am a highly compassionate and persistent individual, hence will be able to give the best to your learning institution. I do not easily give up even and struggle until the last minute. I love taking at heart the task that I do and gives the best as result. As prove to my persistent nature, one can contact the manager of Amaron Battery Industry as a witness to my hard work while on my internship there.
I excelled in my college and achieved outstanding awards. I believe that I am qualified for a position in your learning institution, since I have the ability to work and deliver, despite the situation. Consequently, I kindly ask for a chance in your learning institution, to increase my skills in the Electrical Engineering field and support myself in further studies of the course (Stewart, 128).
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Personal Statement for Ucas Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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