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PERSONAL STATEMENT FOR UCAS APPLICATION TO GET INTO UNIVERSITY FOR MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS. The data oriented society of today’s world highly welcomes mathematicians and statisticians for their expertise in data analysis and modeling. Moreover, this worldly trend becomes an added advantage if someone like me possesses a degree in it…
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Download file to see previous pages My mother used to think of this as my best trait as I would always stack my toys neatly after playing with them! Generally speaking, one of the major benefits of studying statistics and mathematics as a basic degree is the variety of career paths it provides. Applications of mathematics and statistic appears in almost all areas of business, economics, science, technology, research, and wherever data is obtained for the purpose of finding information. Statistics has for long been described as the science of making conclusions in the presence of uncertainty. From what I have learned in the preliminary studies statistics and mathematical models can solve problems and analyze circumstances when seemingly there is no obvious result at hand. This amazing nature of statistics appeals me the most. It encourages me to look up more into this field of education. It is thus become my passion to pursue my forthcoming degrees in the said field. The first thought that came into my when I decided to opt for a graduate degree in mathematics and statistics was that of the Queen Mary College, University of London. The Queen Mary University, Kings College London is one of the most esteemed colleges of Britain and I dream to be an esteemed part of its privileged students. Though I am an international student, I am well versed with written and spoken English language. It is therefore no problem for me to comprehend degree courses that would be taught in English. Moreover, having done my 6 of my O’ Levels courses and one A’ Levels course I have a pretty good idea of this British mode of assessment. I have appeared in the examinations set by the mentioned boards and have obtained grades ranging from A’s to C’s. My initial attempt towards pursuing higher studies in mathematics and statistics was by going for the course of ‘Mathematics’ in A’ levels examinations. Regretfully though I obtained a C in the said course. This was much below the standards that I had set for myself. I got even more motivated by this happening and decided to pursue my studies in statistics and mathematics from its basics. In pursuance of my intention to learn mathematics and statistics from its scratch I enrolled myself in the foundation course of ‘Science and Engineering’ at the Queen Mary University. Currently I am working really hard to get the required percentage so that I can get admission into the university degree level. It is only then that I would be able to pursue studies in my desired course. Taking admission into the degree level of Queen Mary University, Kings College of London would therefore be ‘a dream come true’ for me. I plan to work hard to pursue my studies at the college and then pass out to become an established mathematician and statistical analyst. This will enable me to become a successful banker in the years to come and would also increase other chances of employment in the ever challenging corporate world of today. My happy go lucky nature enables to me intermingle with people anywhere I go. At heart I am a fun loving person who loves to dance at the beat of good music. Listening to good music is one of my favorite hobbies. I have very recently started learning guitar from one of my friends. The explorer in me enthusiastically motivates me to travel to different countries and explore new places. During the school days I have been an active participant in extra curricular activities and have taken part in various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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