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I have also had experiences in the medical field through working in a pharmacy where I assisted the pharmacist with distribution of drugs to the customers and…
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Personal statement for medical school application
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Personal ment for medical school application Affiliation: I have an undergraduate degree in cell and molecular biology as well as in social science which I passed with honours. I have also had experiences in the medical field through working in a pharmacy where I assisted the pharmacist with distribution of drugs to the customers and well as help customers chose drugs. Other than that, I have also participated in physician shadowing experience in Nini hospital in Tripoli as well as Al Jabal hospital in Lebanon where I observed several surgical procedures for several months. I have also successfully completed a CPR course in the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Montreal in addition to volunteering in the Montreal General Hospital.
I believe I have spent much of my time in hospitals and health care facilities as a premedical preparation this intrigued me to want to study the human body medically in depth not just the social , psychological and the minimal biological aspect of it I did in my undergraduate studies. My interests are in assisting people through tutoring or in any physical way I can and that is the reason I tutor to date science-related matter as well as participated in research work.

My skills and abilities including educational achievements would be put to better use by joining the medical field. I would like to offer my medical knowledge to those really in dire need of it in the less privileged nations and those nations that are at war and have no enough medical attention. I can only be able to achieve this dream if I am offered an opportunity to do so at this university. Read More
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