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Personal Statements for Grad School Application - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In this paper, the researcher asks about the chance to study at some esteemed university telling about his interest in architecture. The researcher states that he is a driven and focused individual, bent on taking architecture to the next level…
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Personal Statements for Grad School Application
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Extract of sample "Personal Statements for Grad School Application"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that architecture in itself is a very broad term full of intricacies surrounding us in the very important facets of life; yet, it forms the epitome of the places we are spending most our times at. The only notion that architecture brings to mind is innovation – the ability to unravel what has not yet touched the minds of others. The beauty of architecture is the act innovation plays in each function. It pushes an individual to marvel at how the Great Wall of China became the famous wonder in the whole world. It is, therefore, evident that one needs a grasp of all the functions before fully coming to terms with this rather familiar enigma. The researcher’s interest in Architecture dates back to the times when the author was young enough to only witness but not understand the complexities that lie behind the different structural designs. The University XXX can prove a great platform for me if given the right opportunity in order to excel in this particular field.  Although the researcher is an international student, he has closely analyzed the different buildings around him and has grown fond of them over time. As a child, the author always wondered as to how these enormous buildings were being built all around the world. It always took him by surprise as to how individuals were able to build sites that were actually touching the sky itself. The researcher attended the Canada-China International High School and completed his Canadian high school studies from there only. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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