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For Medical School Admission - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “Personal Statement for Medical School Admission” the author provides his suggestions regarding usage of English language in his profession. Using English language appropriately was a problem for him initially as he came from a different land and was used to speak a different language…
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Personal Statement for Medical School Admission
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Extract of sample "For Medical School Admission"

Personal ment for Medical School Admission The year 1999 can be regarded as a crucial year in my life as I shifted from Iran to the Toronto, Canada along with my family. When I started high school in Canada, I was unable to understand what the teacher was saying as I had not spoken or written English previously. Using English language appropriately was a problem for me initially as I came from a different land and was used to speak a different language. Sometimes I was embarrassed by my teachers and fellow students. I was unable to make any friends as there was a communication gap between me and other students. These incidents of embarrassment and lack of knowledge of English language crushed my confidence and English language acquisition became my mission for my future. I want to be an excellent physician and while living in Toronto, I am required to use good English to study better and to adopt the profession of my choice. Being a physician is my passion and usage of English language is a necessity.
My father got hired by a firm located at the Dallas Texas and our family along with me moved to United States. Because of working hard on continuous, I was able to get admission at the community college. In the community college, I studied hard and obtained excellent results in the academics due to which, the institute had to forward my name for the National President's list. At that time, my reputation improved and I started to work as a volunteer for Dr. Michael Mazaheri, who is an eye surgeon and the ER of Richardson regional hospital. Under the guidance of such a great person, I learnt many things about physicians and the job. The relationship between a doctor and a patient and how effectively and efficiently a doctor can deal in case of emergency were the issues that augmented my knowledge about being a successful physician.
After being under the supervision of Dr. Michael Mazaheri, I completed my degree from the college and got admission at the University of Texas at Austin. My father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at that time due to which, I postponed my journey but my nervousness about my visa and the semester remained there. Unwillingly, I had to leave my family to continue my studies but I was unable to concentrate on my studies due to my father’s ailment and my separateness from my family. In these circumstances, I collected myself and worked hard to cover up my negligence and did very well. I positioned myself at the place of a doctor to know better about the profession and showed interest towards supporting the people who were suffering from any kind of traumatic situation.
At the time when I was preparing for the MCAT, my father had lost his job. The whole scenario became the reason of my depression and I started thinking about my family. There was no one who could provide bread to my family. I was also worried about my father’s health and the expenditures for the doctors and MRI scans in relation to my father’s disease. All of the mentioned reasons affected my MCAT score and I was unable to obtain the marks required by the medical schools. However, amazingly, I was able to graduate at top 10% of my class with honors, which I regard as an accomplishment because of the troubles associated with my life, which caused me to perform poor in my studies. I am much more able and can get higher scores.
Now, by working full-time for the same doctor who I used to volunteer for, I am able to provide for my financially stranded family. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than a simple smile on the face of anyone who looks into your eyes and says Thank You. For the first time in my life, I was able to set the biggest surprise birthday party for my father and mother with my own hard earned money knowing that they both deserve a better treatment only to see a smile on their troubled faces. As a caring son, I want to be a proficient physician who is a pride for his family and keeps the capability of solving all the problems faced by them. Read More
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